Painting with Blue

July 13th, 2011

Last week, I got a chance to do a little painting during one of A's naps. You can see her video monitor hanging out with my paints above. I didn't have a chance to get started on the painting I sketched out, but I did have time to create this small painting, a gift for someone that is now on it's way!

I didn't take a picture of it, because it's hard to capture in a photo, but I covered the end product with Golden's glass bead gel, which when dry, makes a sparkly surface that you can see through. Very fun!

Anyone else been painting with blues?

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Not painting..but definitely photographing up by the Maine ocean where there is nothing but endless blue:

The complete opposite I’m afraid. Reds! Red cups, red poppies, red hair. But then I’ve just found this website so I’m out of synch with the latest challenge :)

Lianne, that’s ok! Sometimes a theme gets me thinking about its opposite anyway!

Is it strange that I’m THRILLED that you got some painting time in, Leah? Just makes me smile. I hope you’ll find time again soon!

Glad you are finind (taking) time to create a bit. It’s such a big part of who you are after all! Love that little painting you did. Some one will be very lucky to receive it!

Leah, I too am thrilled to see you painting with the baby monitor. I made a blue quilt with some beautiful batiks. I will post it next week. Playing with the blue fabrics has cooled me off in this oppressive heat. Xoxo. Terah

So great that your finding time to make art, that can be difficult with a little one. I’m loving this month’s theme, blue is my favourite colour so I hardly even have to think about it :) . I love the little painting you did.

Thanks, guys! I’m thrilled to have found some time to paint too. Baby steps. :-)

That painting is beautiful! I can’t stop looking at it. I’m painting with blue all the time at the moment (must be in my Blue Period). :)

so happy you are making time for art – your painting is beautiful! I packed up my easel this month for an upcoming move but, I did play with paint in my sketchbook and made a blue bracelet today :)

Now you have me wanting to go back to acrylics, so I can use gels like that and make things sparkly!

For my last few paintings I’ve been on a bit of a Prussian Blue kick. I love how dark and intense it is in its pure form.

Love the painting – I see it as the beginning of a journey – Annabelle is very lucky.

What a lovely little painting, so breezy. I really want to try that gel medium. Sounds interesting. Yes, you inspired me to do more than 12 little ladies in blue over the past week or two. Thanks.

what a great invention! a baby monitor has enabled me to paint too – I love blues and sometimes paint by limiting the values and intensities of the blues (but I often feel the need to add a little alizarin)

love this…& great tip about the sparkly finish/like a fairy blessing! blue has been increasingly showing up in my work too!…one piece will appear on my blog monday…another is a strand in my hair!
sky love to you &&& happy birthday! xo

Deeply smiling Leah that you had a chance to get a painting done! Congratulations! I have been painting and studying blue since January as I prepared for a solo exhibition which opened June 30th.

For those that are interested, here is more about my blue experience and the show here

Wondorous times when the baby naps…I recall many magical, heightened creative moments:)

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