Red, White, and BLUE

July 5th, 2011

I hope those of you who celebrated the Fourth of July had a beautiful weekend!

To kick off the month of blue, here's a picture of Annabelle and I with our blue eyes.

One of my earliest memories of the color blue is from kindergarten. The teacher asked everyone what their favorite color was and all the girls (except for myself) said pink. I defiantly said my favorite color was blue. That hasn't changed.

To me blue is open, expansive, dreamy, deep, soulful, mysterious, and magical. Clearly, I love the color blue, as even my shop is named after the color!

What associations do you have with the color blue?

Yesterday, I had my first opportunity since Annabelle came along to sketch an idea that's been in my head. Here's a quick snapshot of the sketch. A first step. A baby step! I know I'll have to do it in bits and pieces, but it's so great to have the first bit in the works!

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Love that sketch! Can’t wait to see what it becomes. Beautiful photo, too! :)

she is soooo sweet.
You look soooo sweet together.

Enjoy the process of your return to artwork, Lovely Leah !

What gorgeous..dreamy blue eyes you both have. And – love the sketch! Give yourself the gift of time – to resettle and re-adjust.

Looove this photo, Leah!! You are both so beautiful.

awww…so sweet! Enjoy getting back (albeit gradualy) into the creative process.

Love your photo! So adorable! Blue makes me think of the open, midwestern sky :)


You are both beautiful and love the sketch. Can’t wait to see what it turns into. :)


I love the dress on your sketch it so big that it looks like you have been grounded in the most powerful way, look forward to seeing what you do with it.

from another blue eyed girl


You are both so beautiful, and it looks like you are wearing blue too! The sketch is great! I’m excited to see it finished. Have a beautiful weekend.

Buried in my own ‘issues’ I missed being able to congratulate you on your beautiful daughter! Best wishes to you Leah. I did something blue! Check it out. Thanks for keeping this blog/website going for all of us. I especially appreciate it being here especially when I get buried in my life and forget to peek out and see what wonderful things are possible! Thanks for the ‘blue’ kick off to my summer which has been filled with blue skies and sunshine. Cheers.

Blue is a mixed bag color for me. I love it in nature, but is has stress associations for me from working 10 years at Penn State. I think this theme gives me an opportunity to build new associations with blue.

You both have stunning blue eyes. Your sketch looks full of imagination and promise. I look forward to the art that emerges from this idea. Its always hard to juggle being a Mum with work & your creative life but I’m sure you’ll do it wonderfully. I personally need to learn to juggle more efficiently. Lol. But I try :-)
Kat Xx

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