Drawing One-Armed

August 4th, 2011

With red in mind, and a baby in one arm, I managed to doodle a bit last night in my sketchbook. Intuitively playing with caran d'ache pastels in reds and oranges and pinks, this woman with an umbrella came along. Hooray for creating, even if it's one-armed!

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I love it Leah! it always amazes me how you capture movement so well. and one-armed at that!

you doodle better with one arm than i’ll ever do with two! good for you for making time for your art! xo

I agree, kudos to you for keeping up with your creative self! Having a baby can absorb you if you let it. Don’t let it! Lovely drawing :)

Beautiful flowing lines and gorgeous colours. Glad you’re keeping up with your creative time; it tends to help us be better balanced mums if we keep feeding our creative selves.

I’m planning out a mixed media red themed tree painting at the minute. But with visitors and kids on school hols I haven’t got much further than playing with materials and doodles. But I’m hoping to make progress soon. I am quite proud that I’ve managed to list a few small bits in my previously abandoned etsy shop despite everything.

Bug hugs to you & Annabelle
Kat Xx

Not sure what a ‘bug’ hug is (maybe a hug from a red ladybird would be on theme) but what I was trying to write was ‘big’ hugs. LOL. :-) ) Kat Xx

Just lovely, Leah!

It’s amazing what you can learn to do with one hand, isn’t it? I remember developing some impressive one-handed WPM typing skills. Oh, and figuring how to eat something crunchy without dropping crumbs in the baby’s hair…

Just happened upon your enjoyable blog while surfing the net and trying to keep cool (over 100 F. today in Tunisia). Your efforts on behalf of creativity are impressive. I’ve done the “Artists Way” as well. I’ll keep the month of November in mind. Thanks so much.
best, nadia

Love this painting ~ Way to go! hugs and namaste, Carol

Have 2 blogs ~ hope that is okay to enter both ~ and Big Hugs to the ‘One Arm Artist and Grandmother” and lovely grandchild ~ enjoy the day ^_^

you might be on to something there. a series of one armed work.

I think it is wonderful! Love the flowing shapes.

Love how she glides – it seems as if she’s really moving. Strangely – we saw a very strange woman wearing a long red bathrobe, slowing crossing a major highway in front of our car Saturday night in a drizzle. (She didn’t have an umbrella – and – of course we called 911.)

I love it, Leah. Just picturing you holding your sweet baby while doing it. A true artist. LOL

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