Half-morning in photos

August 19th, 2011

A snapshot of my Wednesday morning in photos, including a lovely red flower!

The morning moon hung like a whole note in the sky.

A parachute red flower turned alien pod.

My tuning fork legs led the way.

Mid-morning nap.

How was your morning?

p.s. I'm leah_art on instagram! Also, here's a great article on taking pictures with your phone.

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lovely photos. Isn’t that a wonderful way to express yourself without words or paint?! =)

Nice Photographs! Isn’t it great how we can use photos to capture moments from our environment that occur in a single morning and they help us to make those moments memorable.

We are thinking the same thing this week – my most recent post is about photos taken in a 24 hour period on a trip to San Francisco.

Thanks for the article on taking photos with your phone. Now if iPhone would make it so you can send more than one photo at a time via email. Sigh.

Oh Leah, those photos are just great. Thanks for posting them. I love them all but the Mid-Morning Nap is just, well, like a balmy thing for the heart.

The baby is getting so big. Oh, what a little love. So grateful to watch her grow and YOU grow, creatively. Thank you, ever and always, for the inspiration.

Sweet little baby!! So beautiful!

Awesome photos! Wow ~ And the baby is adorable ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

Sweet little baby. She is getting so big!

The red parachute flower also looks like a parasol. I am imagining twirling it above my head.

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