20 weeks

September 19th, 2011

Along the lines of personal history, I've been thinking back over the last year in the history of myself and my little girl. She is twenty weeks old today! Amazing! She's got such a personality already, so happy and sweet (and also firey, strong and silly!) At this milestone, I couldn't help but think back to when I was twenty weeks pregnant with her (and looking oh, so serious! haha!), half-baked, as I called it then (although she came a little early, so she was a bit more than halfway there already.)

I was just starting to show and just starting to breathe easier about the pregnancy, with a successful anatomy scan behind us (where we found out that my intuition about having a girl was correct) and feeling her move (amazing!) It was an exciting time and the hubster and I spent a lot of time speculating about what she'd be like, what she would look like, what things she would enjoy doing. And now she's been in our life for twenty weeks!

I can't say that time has exactly flown by, like everyone says it does. It has in some ways, but in others, with a baby who does not like to sleep, time moves quite slowly. But today, I'm feeling a bit sentimental about her reaching this milestone. Twenty weeks sounds like a big number! And today, I moved the shoulder straps in her car seat up a notch. She's getting so long!

Here's to my sparkling little girl and the weeks, months, and years ahead. I love you, Mush!

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She’s so sweet! Happy 20-weeks-old day! :D

Oh, my, Leah!

What an absolutely gorgeous little one you’ve brought into the world. I wish you lived closer. I’d love to meet her (and you, of course)


Oh, she is delicious! Beautiful eyes, like her Mom. My daughter just gave birth to Ori, who is the sweetest little baby boy — what joy! You’re right, the time doesn’t go quickly when the nights are long, but soon she’ll be walking and running around and then the days fly by. Enjoy every minute.

Beautiful pictures of both of you!! I can’t help but notice the similar expressions you have to each other in each of the photos in the group of four. So sweet!!

Such gorgeous photos!! Annabelle is so beautiful & happy looking. Yes, it does go quickly but equally when you’ve a baby who doesn’t allow a full night’s sleep it can seem to go slow & feel difficult. You have my complete understanding & empathy. Night times were sleepless with my daughter for the first few months & I remember the feeling that I was sure I would die if I didn’t get a night’s sleep soon. Be sure to pamper yourself & rest whenever you can. And focusing on all the miraculous joy, like you’ve done in this post, also helps you to keep sane. Remember you’re doing a fabulous job & reward/praise/treat yourself accordingly!

Big hugs for you both
Kat Xx

She’s beautiful just like her mother :) . Thanks for sharing this milestone.
Stay inspired!

I loved this post. Makes me long to have a little girl. Many blessings on her life and you and your husband. Thanks for sharing!

I’m currently 28wks with my second. Our daughter is 19 months. Looking back i find it so hard to remember what she was like at 20wks old and even in pregnancy I couldn’t remember much even though at the time everything seemed so clear. It’s surprising what you forget and what you remember. So I think it’s really sweet and really useful to record little moments like this so you can all look back together and remember.

now that’s what I call some wonderful “history”. Thanks for sharing!

That was beautiful post and such wonderful photos, you have such a cutie there, thanks for sharing.

Hi Leah! I was back at Squam this past week and saw Jen and Lindy and shared a room with Kristen…we were thinking of you :) I have been around the block many times with a stroller so if you need a chance to nap I’d be happy to help you out….I remember how it feels to be sleep deprived ;) Take Care and you can take my offer seriously ! ~Andrea

adorable. oh how fast they grow.

Hi Leah! She is so cute! I am long past the baby stage of my life but I so relate to having a little one that does not find sleep an important part of life! We missed you at Squam last week. Hope all is well. (other than lack of sleep!)


Wow! Annabelle is beautiful. I remember not sleeping. Time becomes very weird. I felt like it moved fast but that I was out of step. Kind of like I was running in slo mo but the scenery was at warp speed.

But nothing beats that baby smell. Yumm. I just want to eat them up. Nomnomnom. :)


What a cutie. I honestly cannot remember what my daughter was like at 20 weeks. She’s now on the verge of turning two. It does go by so fast…I have to look at photos and videos of her to remember what that was like. I think it’s mostly because there are so many changes that happen in such a short period of time. It’s amazing.

She is precious!

Such adorale sweetness!

Leah it has been awhile since I have been by and this one post has me feeling all caught up :) Beautiful.

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