Art Every Day Month begins in One Week!

October 25th, 2011

Time is flying and oh my, Art Every Day Month is right around the corner! Will you be joining in?

I started doing Art Every Day Month in 2003, inspired by Nanowrimo. I wanted to challenge myself for the month of November and so I decided to create art every day for 30 days and share it on my blog. It was a wonderful experience! The next year, some other bloggers joined in and since then I've been joined every year by an amazing community of creators, striving to create every day for one month.

I'm a low-pressure type person, so I encourage everyone to join in, even if you don't complete something every day. Even just giving yourself the challenge and creating more than you usually would is a beautiful thing. But if you can create something every day for 30 days, I highly recommend it! I've learned and grown so much through doing it each year. And the community that develops is always amazing.

Your daily creations can be anything you desire (from painting to drawing to photography to writing, etc...) You can work with a theme or do something different every day. It's entirely up to you! Make it doable.

I know this year will be a little more challenging for me with a 6 month old along for the ride. I may do part of a piece each day or work on smaller pieces. I'm going to play it by ear. I'm excited to take on the challenge this year though and to see how I can make it work!

If you're intrigued by the challenge, but feel like you could use some extra support and motivation, check out the Survival Guide, which provides a private blog with a daily post filled with prompts, inspiration, and guidance to help you make it through 30 days of daily creating!

Excited? Me too!

You can read more about how the challenge works here and then sign up here.

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I loved this when I first joined so count me in for having fun this November!

Definitely excited! I always look forward to this month of creativity…it’s great to do it with a group of folks :)

Very excited! I think this will be my 4th time participating. This year I recruited several members of my creative group to play along, too.

I’m in too. This will coincide perfectly with my new website. YAY! Terah

I desperately want to do this. But I’m a bit intimidated with the idea of doing both this AND NaNoWriMo. Maybe I’ll be able to combine them in some way. Because I would really love to participate! =)

The timing is perfect! This will be my first time participating and I look forward to connecting with this creative community.

I’m a first-timer too–can’t wait!

I saw this last year but did not follow through! I hope to join you this year! Great idea!

Oh my god, is it soon November yet??! I have such good memories of my first AEDM last year, it was so intense, it created so much momentum, magic AND friendship. Count me in for ride 2!!! :-D Big thanks again for organizing this! Last year I combined it with a 2y old and no job, this year I’ll combine it with a 3y old, a day job and the set up of a business :-) But you know, the more you got on your plate, the more food you need for the soul. Bring-it-on :-) :-) YAY!

I wasn’t sure if you would be doing it again and am grateful to hear you are, indeed. Will there be a new button for 2011?

I breezed through Boston last week and thought of you!

I’m in! I can’t wait to see what everyone will create!

Hi Leah!
Thanks so much for hosting Art Every Day Month. Especially with a 6 month old!!!
I’m looking forward to what happens during November!

The first year I did this, I actually followed through and did art every day and posted everyday. It was really good for me because I am not always good at following through with things. This year I know I will not be able to post everyday but I am going to use AEDM to get back in the habit of creating on a more regular basis. I am excited to have this incentive. Thanks Leah!

I have loved this before and look forward to it this year also! Thank you for hosting again, Leah!

I just heard about this and signed up! Sounds great and I’m very excited!!! I NEED THIS because I have some things I *must do* and my mojo is sadly lacking, lol!

I’ve done this challenge a few times and really enjoyed participating. I have a lot going on right now, but I’m going to give it a try again this year. I look forward to seeing you all there! :)

Hi Leah, this sounds like fun and a possible wonderful motivation to play and create. Curious to see what will unfold…

OK, I’ve signed up (having seen a link on Sarah Anderson’s blog) and now I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for!

Looking forward to the challenge of actually doing something each day, instead of thinking of doing something. Thank you :)

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