Autumn Flowers

October 14th, 2011

Oh, autumn. You dazzle me with your colors!

It's like this last hurrah of fall fireworks before the bleakness of winter hits. A mix of death in bare branches and dying leaves and brilliant life in full color. What an inspiring sight to behold.

Normally, I'm immediately drawn to the fall foliage, but this year, I've been noticing the fall flowers. Aren't they lovely?

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Yes, yes, yes, they ARE lovely! I will be in Northampton, Mass in a week and am looking VERY forward to seeing how New England’s Fall is so in advance of ours. Last Spring I had TWO Springs… ours, early…. and New England’s, much later.

Makes me very happy!

Love the photos!

Hi Leah, Your photos are delightful. I love fall flowers! My favorites are Astors – I’m not sure why. They are so delicate and look like clouds of pale lavender by the roadside.

as you can probably tell from my most recent blog post,I couldn’t agree more about fall flowers…

I too have loved the flowers in Fall…..they appear, to me, to be even more beautiful, in the fall. The flowers that remain in bloom in a muted version, are so delicate but strong enough to tolerate the various temps in N.E.. Strong and beautiful.

Wonderful photos and incredible colors! Love seeing them so close up.

Fall flowers are really dazzling. Michaelmas Daisy’s, hydrangeas which have gone from pastels to rich velvety burgundy, moss green and slate Prussian blue. Fall roses are fabulously beautiful, Dahlias and all. I use to have a garden that would be ripe with color this time of year. Alas, I live in a wonderful condo now and my Pelagoriums and Xmas Cactus (profusely and early) are blooming. Cheers to fall.

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