Fall At My Feet

October 20th, 2011

Beauty to behold everywhere. On my jog this morning, I was struck by the contrast of leaves and needles against pavement. Especially the pine needles. And the different types of pavement create such interesting backgrounds as well. So cool!

I'm also smiling at the play on words: fall, at my feet or fall at my feet. Simple pleasures that fall brings: fall foliage, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin, the smell of fires burning in fireplaces, children in "back-to-school clothes" they bought in the summer, sweatshirts and warm socks, warm drinks, candles, soup, and scarves.

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I love the three bar photograph layout you have done for this- it really sets off the beauty of the images well. And I love the play on words!

I love the simple pleasures of fall, too. This season is so comforting and inspiring, isn’t it?!

Fun with words…and images!! Love the patterns you captured here.

Beautiful post paired with stunning photographs. Your blog is an amazing place to visit. penny

Mmmm. I love autumn. It really is my favorite season. Not to mention, there’s something so completely satisfying about stepping on fallen leaves and feeling and hearing that crunch!


Beautiful collage of photos. I too collect patterns from nature, and buildings. I hope you have it (f)all at your feet!

I love the way you put your work together, it always looks so very interesting. Fantastic work and thank you so much for having such an amazing site to inspire a newbie like myself :o )


I love this.

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