The Spirit That Moves Me

October 7th, 2011

I've been working for a while now on a piece for Kristen's blog, "The Spirit That Moves Me." It took a bit longer than I may have wanted, mainly because I don't have many long stretches for art with Annabelle's (lack of) sleep schedule. But in the end, I told Kristen, that it happened just the way it was meant to because when I was able to work on it, I felt like I tapped into something deeper, some bit of magic and intuition that brought it all together. I love when those moments happen in art-making! The process is a lot like Kristen's blog name actually. How fitting!

Those are the moments you can't plan for, you can only provide the opportunity by showing up and going with the flow. Creating art for someone else is always tricky, partly because the way I work includes a lot of going with the flow, something you can't really describe ahead of time. It's hard to know exactly what the end result will be. Fortunately, Kristen was very patient with the time it took, the way I worked, and happily she is pleased with the result. Hoorah!

It seemed appropriate to share it during this month of autumn because there is an Fall feel to it, maybe something about the color. I do love the colors of fall.

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It couldn’t be more beautiful or perfect…

That is such a beautiful image–the map, the angel, the roots, all of it.

love it, love the crispness and color of it!

Beautiful piece and it is fabulous that things work out the way they are supposed to… I think we have to trust in the process organically more often…

Beautiful Leah – the spirit and power within all of us that takes root and reaches for the sun – if we allow it to thrive.

This is a wonderful piece of artwork! Marvelous ~ love it ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

absolutely gorgeous, Leah! it’s clear your little angel is part or your nourishment and your being moved to reach into the world! blessings.

I’m a regular reader of Kristen’s blog and your logo is perfect for the energy of “the spirit that moves me”. I love the rootedness, drawing down the moon and the divine feminine sacred energy of the logo you created – perfect!

I love this piece! It says two things to me – tapping into the root of your creativity to build one’s capacity to exercise that creative instinct and reaching for creative goals and dreams. Lovely piece. I hope to be able to share soon. I have a 4 day weekend coming and I plan to get to my blog and submit my ‘Autumnal’ inspirations. Cheers

Love this!!! So beautiful!

this is wonderful – so well done

What a stunning piece!! It speaks to me on so many levels. Well done!! Well done!!

This is an amazing piece – full of spirit, imagination & the warmth of autumn. Its definitely special – Kristen is a lucky lady! And you’re doing well to continue your art whilst caring for Annabelle and with little sleep. You’re an inspiration for creative mothers out there.

Hope you’re okay & managing with lack of sleep. I remember vividly how difficult lack of sleep with a little one can be. Sending you hugs & strength.

Kat Xx

This piece just drew me in with it’s flowing lines. Wow!

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