Art Every Day Month Check-In: Day 6

November 6th, 2011


Today is day 6 of Art Every Day Month! Remember that every day is a new day, so even if you've had a day (or week) that hasn't gone exactly as you planned, today you can begin again.

The box below is a widget that I provide each day as an optional place to share a direct link (blog post or flickr image) to that day's creation. (If you're receiving this post via email, you'll have to click through the blog to see the widget.) If you don't have something to share today, don't worry about it! Share when you can. In the meantime, be sure to check out what other participants are creating! Check out the links from today's post and the links on the participant page for instant inspiration. You can also see lots of great work in the AEDM flickr group. Feel free to share your work there too!

If you use the widget, please link to a specific blog post, not your main blog page or website (or you can link to a specific image if you're linking to a flickr page.) For example, last year for day one I linked to my first post: instead of my main blog page: This makes it easier for people to find your work.  If you want to share, but don't have a specific page to link to, feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what you're working on. If you're posting less than once a day, no problem! Simply use the latest one of these posts to share a link to your creation. For some, it's too much to keep up with posting every day, but don't let that get you down. Do it if you can and if you can't, just keep on creating, that's the most important part. If you get off track and miss a few days of creating, don't let that freeze you up either. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You are making your life a more creative one with each step.

How to participate in Art Every Day Month: Check out the AEDM info page for all the details, instructions on how to get involved, and then visit the participants page to sign-up before you use the link widget to share your creations. The Information page also has instructions about how to use the widget below, if you're having any trouble with it.

Survival Guide: If you feel like you could use some more support, prompts, and motivation to keep going throughout the month, check out the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide.

Twitter: If you're on Twitter (I'm on there as @leah_art), I'll be using the hashtag #aedm2011 to mark Art Every Day Month tweets. It helps to find others who are tweeting about AEDM!

Instagram: You can use the same #aedm2011 hashtag if you're playing along on Instagram.

Creative Every Day Challenge participants: If you're not doing Art Every Day Month, you can still use any of the daily Art Every Day Month check-in posts to leave your weekly link.



What if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the fountainhead of human experience? ~Rollo May

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I managed to play in the art studio for a spell. Made a mess on a piece of canvas and then playtime on the computer. Today’s piece took a totally different turn than expected, but I’m pleased.

Note: I have visited every single post since Day 1 and have enjoyed everyone’s creativity. I’m sorry that I don’t have the energy to type in comments for each piece. I also want to say thanks for sharing and taking the time to visit me :) .

Happy AEDM everyone!

Stay inspired!

This is certainly a very inspiring place to view wonderful art and the artists who make it and it is really pushing me to create every day…so, thank you.

I will post my sketch of a little red toy car later today. I did it while taking a break from making a maid-of-honour dress for my Daughter to wear at her best friend’s wedding next weekend. Lots of tacking stitches in a fine fabric but so far so good. This is so much fun drawing everyday – so far I have completed 4,5 and 6 Nov. I wonder if I can catch up for the missing 3 days?

Finally its not after 11pm and I’m posting what I created. 6 days straight, YEAH!

Today I posted a raw art journal page. This year AEDM has such a great bunch of artists. It’s been fun discovering.

Dear Leah
Thank you for your kind comment….I have ‘tweeted’ you , but tweeting is new to me, so , here is a comment-type of reply.
It is a wonderful idea…this ‘art every day thing’, it is keeping me busy and on my toes and my golly there are some talented people here. Thanks so much, it is so enjoyable…so glad I found you!

Thanks for an awesome and creatively fun linkup! Working on more big eyed girl art!

This week, I’m going to play around with yarn-wrapped vases. The picture of my AEDM project is at the end of my regular blog post.

I posted a recap of my first ’sorry’ week! haha

Okay, I just signed up. I was inspired by all the woman doing this challenge that are in my Flying Lessons class. I’m so excited and nervous! My art has taken a back seat the last month. I can’t wait to get in there and create!

I am letting myself play with colors and shapes and worrying less about creating a perfect ‘product’ – this challenge really forces me to get over myself and just create

I worked on four paintings this weekend. How everyone is enjoying AEDM as much as I am.

Finished updating the progress shots of Pretty Please..the little girl with her hands clasped together, hoping and wishing for something.

Better timing today! in by a nose last night. This morning did some painting with my gouache and watercolor. I started painting abstractly a few weeks back and it is so freeing. I love it. I hope you like it too:)) Happy AEDM and thank you for being here for me. Happy Sunday!!

Used the wrong URL. Please see this one, it is Day 6:))

I re-found this little saying from pinterest, and I had to do something with it. Plus I wanted to try out my new converter for my Lamy Safari fountain pen with the waterproof india ink… it worked! <3

My creativity this weekend was kinda happening in bed (see point 4 of my previous post) ;-)

And then, declaring my utter and deep love to my man, I spoke words that inspired me to a beautiful little post named “I see you”.

Aaaaah I love the creative life :-)

Love to y’all!


[...] a series of people forms and am having a lot of fun with them. This one is shared for day six of Art Every Day Month. [...]

Today, some messy art journaling and practicing crochet!

Today’s post is about the Busy Bees in my ankle and some knitting.
Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I squee’d outloud ^^

I am doing a sketch a day using Corel Paint. Today’s is “Santa Scrambles”, my daughter’s kitty. :)

I’m not feeling well enough to post every day but I’m managing to create a little bit daily. And it does a lot for helping me heal and get better – I’m sure of it!

Kat Xx

So far, I’ve managed to do something creative every day this month, although I seem to be posting later every day. I love all the supportive comments I’ve received and I’m really enjoying seeing what everyone else is creating!

today was a shopping day for my Creative space….feeling a bit under the weather, but hope to still visit a few of your lovely blogs….loving this AEDM so much :)

I love your quotes today and yesterday. They are very inspiring. I wrote a simple haiku.

Today wasn’t a very productive day for my art-wise. I did make a homemade apple pie, and my special from scratch corn bread to go with a healing soup I made for my husband. I worked on a LARGE painting I’ve been working on, adding shadows and highlights~ And I worked on my owl painting…. did eyes that I really didn’t like at ALL. So I painted over them and will start over again tomorrow morning! Still loving this so much!!!!
xxoo Debi

Woo hoo – that extra hour came in handy!

More encaustic painting today. Feels good to be in a freshly painted studio.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Leah. I love this challenge. It actually has me blogging again.

Still working on my owls. I also attend an art event yesterday so even though I painted I didn’t have time to blog. I bought an awesome giclee print from a local artist and friend of a friend… Just trying to keep in the groove!

I was so disappointed over the weekend. Couldn’t sign into my blog from my laptop at home, so I couldn’t enter my pieces for day 5 and day 6. I’m doing it now anyway, just to make myself feel better.

Oh my oh my oh my oh, I forgot to post yesterday’s road trip through Ohio!

I made a card to accompany my gift for a baby shower I was going to. It isn’t much but I had fun making it. I can’t believe it is only Day 6! This is definitely going to be a challenge.

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