Art Every Day Month Check-In: Day 8

November 8th, 2011


Welcome to day 8 of Art Every Day Month! I'm so inspired by the energy and creations of this group! If you can, stop in to a few blogs that are new to you or visit the flickr group to see what others are up to.

The box below is a widget that I provide each day as an optional place to share a direct link (blog post or flickr image) to that day's creation. (If you're receiving this post via email, you'll have to click through the blog to see the widget.) If you don't have something to share today, don't worry about it! Share when you can. In the meantime, be sure to check out what other participants are creating! Check out the links from today's post and the links on the participant page for instant inspiration. You can also see lots of great work in the AEDM flickr group. Feel free to share your work there too!

If you use the widget, please link to a specific blog post, not your main blog page or website (or you can link to a specific image if you're linking to a flickr page.) For example, last year for day one I linked to my first post: instead of my main blog page: This makes it easier for people to find your work.  If you want to share, but don't have a specific page to link to, feel free to use the comments section of this post to share what you're working on. If you're posting less than once a day, no problem! Simply use the latest one of these posts to share a link to your creation. For some, it's too much to keep up with posting every day, but don't let that get you down. Do it if you can and if you can't, just keep on creating, that's the most important part. If you get off track and miss a few days of creating, don't let that freeze you up either. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. You are making your life a more creative one with each step.

How to participate in Art Every Day Month: Check out the AEDM info page for all the details, instructions on how to get involved, and then visit the participants page to sign-up before you use the link widget to share your creations. The Information page also has instructions about how to use the widget below, if you're having any trouble with it.

Survival Guide: If you feel like you could use some more support, prompts, and motivation to keep going throughout the month, check out the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide.

Twitter: If you're on Twitter (I'm on there as @leah_art), I'll be using the hashtag #aedm2011 to mark Art Every Day Month tweets. It helps to find others who are tweeting about AEDM!

Instagram: You can use the same #aedm2011 hashtag if you're playing along on Instagram.

Creative Every Day Challenge participants: If you're not doing Art Every Day Month, you can still use any of the daily Art Every Day Month check-in posts to leave your weekly link.



All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A Christmas Pause. Just some shots. ^.^

Feels good to be checking in early!

I am enjoying this process immensely!

I just decided to post my piece for this week’s illustration friday. So you can call it another multi-purpose piece if you will.

Going to miss this like crazy when November ends!
Gwen xx

I’ve been a little under the weather today but glad I still managed a sketch. :)

Really interesting to see how creativity is tied into my day and life, rather than it being something separate to tick off the to-do list. Starting to realise how different my life could be if I made creativity and spirituality a priority, rather than squeezing it in at the end of the day… so far AEDM has been an amazing opportunity for awareness and self-reflection, thank you Leah xo

I agree with Kara; suddenly I am structuring my day AROUND being creative, rather than adding it on. It’s a whole different thing! And ideas are making other ideas happen; it’s all going on. :)

A little bit of hopeful imagining on this day 8!

Thanks for another awesome day of creative fun! Linking up with a quick ACEO and a GIVEAWAY!

My AEDM photo is at the bottom of my regular post. This week I’m playing around with yarn vases. Having a great time!

I got my piece in early today. It felt like a good way to start the day.

I’m making progress with my embroidered mandala. Its great to have a focus whilst I recuperate. I’ve also got lots of exciting changes on the horizon which I’ve mentioned in today’s blog post.

Happy Creative Day to you all!!

Kat :-)

[...] are gonna change it up here today for AEDM and use our creativity to make our tummies happy and warm.  This is a soup I made over the weekend [...]

Today’s post isn’t actually ART — but it is a creative way of solving a problem ;)

I love the flexibility of AEDM. Yesterday I didn’t post anything and didn’t even feel badly about it! But I knew that I didn’t want more than one day in a row to go by without a post. This is fabulous training to make something creative every day. Thanks, Leah! xox

This has been a blast so far and I’m loving the inspiration I’m receiving here. Lucky day for me when I ran across this challenge :)

Thank you again and again and again. I may not have created anything so far today, other than motivation, but I am more and more motivated to become proficient in one area and I am realizing that I really love making jewelry. My new goal is to pull out my jewelry supplies and really start to get more proficient. I am sure that I will continue to use many different mediums, but I really need and want a focus, and jewelry is my focus. This is all from going through old magazines and really feeling something while going through them!

Read a great quote by Gail McMeekin, a book which Jennifer Lee recommends on her Artizen Art Coaching site. It is about remembering to stay open and present, and thus connected. Creating art every day has been challenging me to keep to this. Happy to be part of this!

New painting of a girl taking a sip out of her coffee mug. That, and I’m wordy today. I wrote a bit about my kitten who was born without eyes, and the things I don’t like about her.

Day 8, this month is just flying by!

[...] Want to see more artist creations that you will love…visit Creative Everyday’s Art Every Day Month [...]

This painting was incredible to create, this process is amazing.This has been an exceptional month so far and I am so enjoying people’s creations as I slowly make my way through…love this

Hi Leah,
Thanks so, so much for hosting this is amazing what it inspires me to do.
Hope your day is wonderful!

Good afternoon creative friends! I just returned from a few days away back home for my cousins wedding so my creativity was mostly in my photographs that I took over the weekend…to stop by and see plus check out the winner to my workshop, please drop by and say hey :)

Sweet Repeats

Today and tomorrow I’m working with my nose to the grind to catch up on my artwork for a show and a couple of classes coming up…starting out with some sweet magnets and then on to finishing up a few WIP (there’s always those around). Hope you have a great day! Jodi

[...] to Copenhagen for todays Art Every Day Month (AEDM) painting. Copenhagen is about a thousand years old and a thriving green city-it’s one of the [...]

i’m really loving re-purposing some of my photos – may turn today’s creation into a card.

btw – i already SOLD one of the ADEM originals i posted yesterday. woot!

Today I drew a snail at a friend’s request. As a surprise, I added holiday lights to his “house”. :)

Ack! I didn’t realize I had to change the url here! I didn’t do that yesterday, either! *sigh*. Above is my comment: Today I drew a snail at a friend’s request. As a surprise, I added holiday lights to his “house”. :)

Have a great day!

[...] piece is posted for day 8 of Art Every Day Month. The goal is to try to create in some way, every day in November, and blog about it.  Muffin is [...]

[...] cake in the house (thank goodness?)–I decided to relax and do some doodling for Day Eight of Art Every Day Month. The photo is a detail shot of two index cards I made to practice paisley patterns, which I like [...]

Still only having time for quick lunchtime sketches, but I love to get into the daily habit, and seeing all the beautiful works of everyone is so inspiring!

What a wonderful place….I created something a little late today as I spent the day enjoying some quality time with my Mom!!!! so here is my work!!! better late than never!!! Thank you for hosting!!!

Today’s second post is to share the lovely handcrafted corner stand that my talented hubby made for our living room :) .
corner stand
Stay inspired!

Today I did a lot of fabric organizing and stitched a bit, and then grabbed my moleskine when the kids and I went out to dinner so I’d be sure to doodle!

More poems–collages to come!

It’s not always B&W… Today was a failure or and accomplishment or a mixture? A couple pet photos and ramblings today.

Thank you :)

Today, the art of words.

I feel much better about today’s creative journey compared to yesterday … I’ve had a fun time seeing everyone’s art. What talented people you all are!

[...] Much of my roadmap this month is being drawn by my commitment to Art Every Day Month (AEDM). [...]

I’m trying to squeeze in this time! I love having to be held accountable by posting as well as just creating.

[...] See what everyone else is doing for Art Every Day Month. Tweet [...]

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