Day 10: Fall

November 10th, 2011

Another day of starting art during the morning nap and finishing it after the baby's bedtime. This is good! I'm finding ways to fit art in that work for all of us, even if it is a tight squeeze, especially on days like today when Annabelle fought tooth and nail to stay awake. Oy!

I had the inkling of an idea for this piece at the end of last month and today felt like a good day to bring it to life! The woman at the center is letting leaves fall from her hands. I think it's an homage to letting go. She is like a tree herself, letting the leaves fall to the ground.

Someone asked me today what medium I've been using. In this piece and the last, I worked with acrylic paint on watercolor paper, with a bit of ink for the small details.

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I was just going to ask what medium it was, too! Your paintings have such a narrative quality; I always wonder what the story means to you.

Lovely painting! The scattering of the leaves reminds me of the scattering of seeds and new life.

This is so beautiful – I love the red, blue and brown together!

Better late than never. I’ve been under the weather trying to fight off what my sweet hubby has had. I’m about to go down for the count, I think. I’m off to bed and it’s only 6pm. More pictures of Owlivia tomorrow!


beautiful piece – marvelously captured…love the color and form

I really like the colors you use, the red is gorgeous. :)

I love the bold colors, those are some of my favorites!

Leah – just beautiful! Love the serenity and rich colors.

This painting is so peaceful and beautiful. I don’t know how you get so much done in one day! Lovely!

Leah…you painting is so beautiful and peaceful. I don’t know how you get so much done in one day and it always turns out so cool. It started snowing here today, fall may be over.

I love it, the colours are so striking, especially the red.

I love your work. the simplicity of it speaks volumes.
Gwen xx

Love how you framed your beautiful woman with the trees!

Absolutely beautiful color combination and subject matter. Even more beautiful–you finding ways to fit your art in.

Ohhh so beautiful… I love her!

She’s lovely Leah. Enjoying the red and the curl of her hair as the leaves fall. Kudos to you for finding those little moments to create in!

I ♥ this. It looks like the wind caught her dress and she is about to fly of any minute now…

Love the piece and the effect of the acrylic on watercolor paper! Beautiful!!

Your work is just lovely! I really enjoying seeing what you come up with everyday!! happy Friday:)


I love this letting go piece, I really speaks to me!!!!!!

Very nice. I love the meaning and feeling of the painting as well as the colors and composition.

I absolutely love this piece. The bold red and the gentleness of her actions such a contrast. Beautiful!

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