Day 15: Mermaid and the Moon Necklace

November 15th, 2011

Today, I created intuitively. I started the piece early in the morning, letting some ink and paint drip on wet watercolor paper while the hubster held Annabelle. After I put her down for a nap, I came back and played. And during a second nap I played some more. This is what came out. Somehow the moon has become the first piece in a necklace of underwater pearls.

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It is so lovely Leah!

The drips create a great underwater feeling to match such an adorable mermaid!

Stunning! I just love the colors you used, and the mermaid is adorable!

What a gorgeous creation Leah!

A truly delightful pice of work.
Gwen xx :)

ooooooo love love this :)

Your intuitiveness is amazing Leah. This is so fluid and lovely – I can’t get over it! You seem to be overflowing with creativity!

What a lovely whimsical piece :) . Wow and a wee one that not only naps, but naps twice in one day!!
Stay inspired!

She’s beautiful! And what luck to get to paint three times today!

oooh! It’s pretty. I love seeing the pinks.

I love it Leah! The colors are beautifully soft.

Love this Pearl Moon piece….stunning!

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing how this came about – I especially like the way the moon turned into a pearl necklace!

Leah, your work is SO gorgeous! I really love visiting your blog and I appreciate all that you do so very much! AEDM rocks! :-)

this is so beautiful and dreamy. My favorite part is her hair :) Wonderful technique!!

Beautiful work…love your style!

Beautiful work! Love it!

Oh she is so beautiful!

I love your mermaid! Much better than my mermaiden. How weird we both posted our merpeople on the same day. I love it!

Oh Leah, this painting is so beautiful! Thank you for a soothing beginning to my day.

I love this piece! Love the colours, everything!!!

Your artwork is really lovely! I love the colours and your concept as well!! :-)


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