Day 17: Lady Fall

November 17th, 2011

Finished this up a little late tonight, but I like the way it came out. Feels very dream like. I started it early in the morning with acrylic paint on watercolor paper and a bit of salt sprinkled on it. Then came back with some more paint and ink in the evening, bringing out the shape of a woman and trees that I saw there.

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Beautiful! I love the colors and the textures. You’re right, it does feel very dream-like. I love how many of your paintings have trees in them. I am madly in love with trees. :-)

She is beautiful!

This is beautiful – the colors are vibrant and I love the way her skirt is flowing backwards.


This is very beautiful, Leah!

That “bringing out” concept is really cool. I havenĀ“t been able to see much on my own pieces yet.

I really love the colours and the movement of this one Leah. Great job!
Stay inspired!

Gorgeous, Leah!!!

She is beautiful…

One of my favourites so far–love it!

She is beautiful! So dreamy and warm! I love it Leah!

It’s so pretty. The colours are just beautiful. I’ve tried salt before but I don’t think I’m doing it right. Is it table, rock or low salt and how wet should the paint be? Mine just sorta sits there and then brushes off after it’s absorbed the tiniest amount of pigment (I apply it when the paints wet/fresh) but it never leaves a very distinct finish. What’s your technique if you don’t mind sharing?

Gosh this is stunning and has to be one of my favourites of your pieces (in fact, I love it so much I’m going to add it to my Pinterest Board

Gorgeous and dreamy!
Gwen xx

Beautiful, love the colours and textures, and the flowing, dreamy feel!

This looks so great! :-)


I have decided to try your method of painting. Iknow you put the paint on and then see what is calling to you fom the page. I think this must be a very freeing style to work in.



Absolutely stunning. Beautiful colours. I love your ladies!

She is so elegant!


Love it babe!

I agree with everyone, this is just beautiful!

oh wow….this is gorgeous! So is the work in your etsy shop. you are inspiring me to get back to painting…..haven’t done more than play with art journalling for ages….thank you.

It’s beautiful! One of my favourites ever of yours!

Beautiful, Leah! I love the colours and the way they all blend into each other.

I just love your technique and also love working with fall colors. With the colors and the dress and the trees this oone really does evoke the mystique of autumn. I am going to have to try experimenting with salt one of these days!

I really like this one, Leah–the colors, the drape of her dress–gorgeous!

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