Day 18: Mother Moon

November 18th, 2011

Another intuitive piece tonight. Someone asked about the process I'm using with these pieces lately. I usually wet the watercolor paper, then drip fluid acrylic and/or inks onto the page, letting the paint spread and moving it around a bit while the paint is still wet. I sometimes sprinkle some sea salt on top of the wet paint, which creates some interesting textures. I let the paint dry, and let it alone for awhile. Later, I come back, turning the page, looking for images in it. I thought this one was going to be some kind of landscape, but when I went to work on it, I saw a distinct face I couldn't ignore! So, I went with that and one thing led to the next!

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So beautiful! – absolutely full of atmosphere – I love it!

Absolutely beautiful, Leah!!

This is really gorgeous, very magical.

Wow, I really love your intuitive drawings! So deep and full of meaning. They really speak to me. I watched your video on the process. I think I’ll have to try it soon!

Oh, this speaks to me.

Your intuitive art is so beautiful, Leah…another amazing piece!

I am SO going to try this technique. You have laid down the gauntlet with some wonderful work.

It is lovely and thank you for the method.
She reminds me of an actress performing in the theatre:)
Gwen xx

Your women have such a grace about them!

Another beaut. :)

This is my favorite! Really beautiful piece.

Absolutely beautiful, Leah!

Beautiful….love the technique and the results you achieve!


I love the black and how it surrounds and grounds the painting while she seems to be floating!

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