Day 2 – Book for A

November 2nd, 2011

For Day 2 I wanted to do something in honor of my daughter turning 6 months. 6 months!! A whole half a year. Remember when half a year was important? When you'd say, "I'm 8 and a half!" Hehe.

Back when I was still pregnant, Mindy of wishstudio gave me a blank board book as a gift and this week, I decided what I wanted to do with it. I decided to create a little storybook of things A loves. So far I've done two page spreads, one for cats (you can see above) and one for music, two things she adores at this point in her young life. I'll later do pages for bath time and for mommy and daddy.

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Oh, Annabelle is a doll! Happy 6 months to her! Wheee!
(I love how the cat is pawing at the text – so cute!)


Ohhh… Leah. Annabelle is absolutely adorable. THAT FACE! And her outfit. My “oh I wish I could have another baby love” is on, full force now!

And the book. What a treasure for her! What a great friend to find a blank board book to give to you!

I love the cat with her paw in the air. My kitten, Alice, is constantly waving her paw around.

Loving your updates!

i love seeing this so much! so glad it became so sweet and special :) yay, mama!

Oh this is so awesome! What a great gift to give Annabelle!

Your little girl is so darling and adorable. I want to squish those cutie cheeks! I love how she is so chic in her little black dress and matching polka dot chair. Just a doll. Love the idea of creating the board book for her. She’ll love it and it’ll be something to always treasure.

super cute, luf! she’s sure to gnaw it–er, love it–to pieces!

What a sweetie! And how great to make such a personalized book – she’ll treasure it!

What a cool present and what a cutie! She’ll treasure that forever. Love your kitties.

Squeal! She is so cute! Making your own board book is such a neat idea:)

Happy 6 months Anabelle! What a beautiful idea, surely will be a book she (and you) cherish!

Six months already! Where did the time go? What a sweet gift and keepsake that you get to create as you learn more about your precious daughter. Wow, I’ve never seen those books before! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of Annabelle too!
Stay inspired!

what a cutie pie. I love her brown outfit!

I too can hardly believe it has been six months. And I LOVE the book. What a wonderful gift to give your daughter! Blessings, Olivia

What a treasure! That book is adorable so far!!!!

oh, what an adorable little girl and the book is too cute too…actually it’s puuuurrrr-fect! Thanks so much for the awesome and inspiring linkup!

Fantastic! You’re such a good mommy!

Oh, Leah,

What a wonderful treasury you are making for that wonderful little girl of yours.


I’m impressed with your little storybook of things Annabelle loves…but I’m even more impressed with the little Annabelle you created! She’s adorable :)

Ohhhh Leah, she is so cute!!! What a special book – I’m sure she’ll love it forever!

And isn’t she just the cutest little poppet? What a lovely little sweet thing! The book is a fantastic idea

What a sweet (and fun) idea. I’ll have to remember this if I have a little one come into my life who might just need an original little story book.

Oh my god, Leah, this jewel of a book brings tears to my eyes! It is such an intense expression of how much you love her and care about her. She will especially remember that at the age of 18 when stumbling upon this book in her treasure box …

Love the book! I am tempted to pick up a used book at a thrift store, paint the pages white, and create my own custom book. Thanks for the inspiration!

How adorable Annabelle is! The book is a great idea, Leah. I had planned to do something similar for my granddaughter who turns 1 in December but I still haven’t found time to start it.

Oh Leah this is fantastic! I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to see it next time I come visit. I love you, Annabelle and Andrew!! xoxoxo <3

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