Day 26: Twin heart inkblot

November 26th, 2011

In a bit of a rush today as we're traveling, but I did manage to squeeze in an inkblot. I'm liking the colors! I might play with this some more later. Maybe not!

Back home tomorrow and AEDM is nearly done! The month has flown!

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I love this, Leah. You are such a great role model. Have safe, filled with wonder travels!

I have joined the creative everyday challenge and joining to do this because I know when I don’t I am not a happy fulfilled person…..

Fantastic! They are flying………….

Another great inkblot piece, Leah! Yes, I’m actually surprised at how fast the month has flown by. It’s been so much fun participating in the challenge this year. :)

I love this one. There is so much to see in it. At first I saw a dragonfly and then one heart, then twin hearts. Yes the month has flown!

These 2 remind me of Cirque Du Soleil – they use their bodies to tell stories and so are these ladies!

Lovely! I really like the twin aspect, it’s almost like they are trying to be their own separate people but can never really disconnected, they have that special bond. :)

I love your series of inkblots!

beautiful! it’s amazing to see what comes out of your ink blots…would love to see you in action sometime, if you ever feel like recording yourself working on the ink blot spread :)

This is beautiful!

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