Day 27: Mermaid Night

November 27th, 2011

Sometimes, when working intuitively, I like to crop the page to a size that suits what I end up working on, which is part of why I like working on paper. It allows for easy cropping! This piece is an example of that. I liked the way the mermaid looked in a long strip instead of the wider page that I used.

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I love her reflection

Leah, this is lovely – soft and soulful.

Very beautiful piece! I think the cropping really adds something to it.

I think that’s a very smart idea – I occasionally find myself struggling to fill up a page when my favorite part is actually already done. Just like in photography, cropping to the subject often makes a stronger statement. Beautifully done!

Gorgeous, as always. I love the curve of her neck.


the long format is perfect for her. delightful!

Love the nightfall behind her – a galaxy of stars and movement! and that red has stayed in your palette!

Leah, this is absolutely beautiful!! i LOVE LOVE the format & especially the lovely curves everywhere. Your choice of colour is great too – the blues & reds… wonderful.
thanks for sharing! Keep painting.
ps: this is my first time in joining AEDM & i love it! What great connections to wonderfully talented people!

Gorgeous, I really love the background.

She’s beautiful Leah. : )

I have a few pieces of that orientation (or proportions?) too, it makes for a different perspective.

She’s gorgeous!

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