Day 29: Golden Ball

November 29th, 2011

So close to the end! I'm both ready for a little break and sad that it's ending! I hope you've all enjoyed this month as much as I have. I'm always amazed at how much growth can happen in the span of a month and this year was no different. Thank you to all of you wonderful creators for sharing this journey with me. It's been a joy creating alongside you!

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I’ve enjoyed AEDM so much that I’ve signed on to continue with CED–thanks for all that you do in managing these amazing challenges. I know it’s a lot of work, and we appreciate you, Leah!

This is beautiful, Leah. So colorful and mystical. I’ve enjoyed the very busy month. Thanks again for the inspiration.

She’s beautiful! I love the colors. Very magical.

Thanks so much for hosting AEDM. I have grown so much from it!

thank you for hosting aedm – it really is a great collective energy of stirring up creativity – i love it! I’m both sad and relieved too… aha…

This is beautiful and very Cinderella-esque!

Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess and offering Art Every Day. I participated last year and it made a HUGE impact. I simply couldn’t go another year without doing it again.

I LOVE this painting Leah! It has been a joy to see how different your energy is this year compared to last year and how that reflects in your beautiful artwork.

It’s a mix bag of emotions with AEDM ending. However, there is always the joy of CED to have fun with!

Thanks again!!

Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge, Leah! It’s been a wonderful and inspiring experience, and I’ll definitely try keeping up the habit of trying to do a little sketch or something every day that I’ve gotten into this month.

Leah, this is SO beautiful!! Thank you so much for AEDM. It’s been such a treat to find so many other inspired souls out there. I’ll definitely be doing it again and i must read up on this CED…? Maybe something i can do as well! :-)

Thank you for keeping us inspired & giving us the opportunity to connect to so many others. Your painting is unbelievable… mystical, magical, feminine, powerful… I LOVE IT.

Your ladies are always so elegant and full of emotion. Delicious colours.

Stunning and magical!

Great picture for reaching a goal! I have so enjoyed your art this month and looking at the wonderful art of many of the AEDM participants. I was just introduced to your site by a friend for the AEDM event but will definitely sign up for your 2012 challenge. I’m afraid I missed 2 days: Thanksgiving and believe it or not, the 30th. Life obligations kind of ate that day. But the AEDM challenge did motivate me to push myself to do art more regularly and to expand my abilities into new areas. So I want to thank you Leah for organizing and these events!

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