Day 30: Bird in the Woods

November 30th, 2011

Day 30! Woohoo! I'm proud of myself for getting through this month and I hope you all are feeling good about what you've accomplished.

I started to feel like my paintings were starting to tell a story recently. Perhaps if I put them all together, I'll be able to see what the narrative is.

Tomorrow I'll have a check-in for the Creative Every Day Challenge to carry us through til Monday, when I'll resume the regular weekly check-ins.

Congrats to all the Art Every Day Month participants. You all rock!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting! I love birds and trees, and people who hang out in the woods and play with birds. :-) I love the bird’s heart, and the mystical colors. The blue and shadowing on her dress makes it look windblown. LOVE IT! Was is another ink/paint blot painting?

Thanks, Stacie! It was sort of inkblot style. I dripped paint on wet paper earlier in the day and then came back and painted/drew in what I saw there later in the day. So it developed intuitively.

Thank you for organizing this challenge, Leah! It has been a lot of fun. I have enjoyed seeing new artists and admired all the art. I especially love seeing your pieces each day.

Lovely, lovely image, Leah! The reds and aqua are striking together and, as always, your work has such an etherial quality to it.
Thank you so much for hosting AEDM again – it has been a pleasure!

I feel great! Thank you so much for having this here for us to participate in! It has been WONDERFUL!

Thanks so much for putting this together! I have been inspired to keep going! It was wonderful creating with you all! See you on the interwebs! ;)

Gorgeous Leah!

beautiful piece! thanks for taking us through 30 days of creative fun – happy aedm… can’t believe it’s over and that december is here – yikes!

Beautiful, Leah! Your colours are so alive. I think the dove may be my totem animal- certainly a guide and seeing the white birds in your piece feels significant to me, like another puzzle piece of guidance. Thanks for the challenge last month. Invigorating!

Leah this is gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant and soothing all at once. Congratulations on your 30 days of art making and thank you for leading us through it too!

This month has really let me get to know your style and I must say that the way you draw people is magical! Your characters have such depth as they interact with the drawing around them just like this one!

I think you may well have been telling a narrative with your lovely images. I wish I was this tall… ever, she is so beautiful!

Leah, this is so beautiful… yes, i believe they ARE telling a story.
thanks for sharing this – love the colours and the lovely curves.

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