Day 4: Lantern Spill

November 4th, 2011

A big thank you to Annabelle for taking her longest nap ever, allowing her mommy to paint away in the morning! She also had her best night of sleep ever. May this be the beginning of a beautiful trend!

This piece was created intuitively. I let the ink spread first, looked for the image, and this is what I saw in it. A woman holding a lantern with the light spilling out of it like an ocean wave.

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oh what a fabulous painting! Thank you for sharing it!!

Wow! I’ve recently started to slosh paint around on a page to see what I *see*. This is exquisite and isn’t it wonderful when they nap long enough to let us recharge the creative batteries?? I have two – one who naps and one who doesn’t …the one who doesn’t goes to Pre-k for a few hours so I try to fit a little creative playtime in. Keep creating during naptime! LOL

Gorgeous colors, Leah. Did you use salt?
Hooray for long baby naps!!!!

Sooooooooooooo pretty!

This is gorgeous! I’m so glad you had time to paint it!

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the complementary colors.

This is gorgeous Leah! Your daughter is also so beautiful!!

Love the way the water worked on this. Yet another thing I need to try during this month! Inspiration everywhere! Thanks for all you do (and thanks to Ana belle cutie pie that she is!)

What a nice baby you have! This is really cool!

Your art is beautiful,& the title adds to it – wondering about the spill and the story behind it. What does she see beyond the edge of the canvas? Where is she going? I love interacting with art!

This is absolutely AMAZING. Beautiful!

wow, just beautiful! love your intuitive paintings!

Beautiful! The image that came out of your paint spill really speaks to me as you light the way for us during this month of creativity – perfect – not to mention that purple is my favorite color! thank you!

Congrats on sleep! I love the stormy painting:)

I love the purple background, and the idea of the light spilling from the lantern is very cool!

Another great one, Leah! I love the way the light looks like it’s flowing out of the lantern and the murkiness of the purple. Really powerful.

Beautiful and almost ethereal…nice work, Leah ~

I love this–that purple is absolutely yummy! It makes me want to do something purple soon…

Wonderful creation, soulful and charming!

This is wonderful, and the colour spread is great. It looks like the effect from using salt with paint.

Thanks, guys! And yes, I did use salt. I love that effect!

What a beautiful piece!! I love to find hidden images too….always so surprising! Thank you for doing this challenge, its the first year I’ve participated and I’m already loving it!!

Love this, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this challenge, this is my first time and so happy to have found you and your inspiration! :)

oh it’s lovely, Leah. Isn’t a special kind of gift when something as beautiful as this comes from a wandering mind?


Absolutely stunning…and so significant. YAY, Annabelle!

I love your technique – seeing an image in the ink! This is beautiful and inspiring too.

I like it!


What a terrific painting! I love it! and I am glad your little one gave you time to create.

Wow salt. I am very new to this game I see. Fantastic fantasy.

The way you worked here is just amazing. I really love the outcome. Glorious colour and composition.

I love it!!!! So thankful that the baby napped long enough to let you work . It’s great when they start sleeping thru the night too.

Beautiful painting…fun to see where the paint will take you! Creatively awesome!

WOW!!! You saw her in there? WOW, just fabulous, thanks so much for sharing (and I do hope it is a beautiful start of sleep filled nights for you) much love Jennibellie xx

This is really beautiful how you pulled this amazing image out of the ink blots- so, so lovely!

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