Day 7: Rain Day Silhouette

November 7th, 2011

Today, I had the urge to play with stencils. I played with markers on paper earlier in the day, doodling in various colors in little spare moments here and there. I cut out a woman's silhouette from a magazine and used it like a stencil placed over the doodles and then painted around with black paint later in the day. Honestly, I'm not totally loving it, but that's ok. I know there will be days when I don't love what I've created. It's part of the process!

Don't be afraid to have some days when you're not thrilled with the outcome. You never know where it might lead on another day.

While I don't love the overall piece, I do like how the marker designs make it look like the figure is wearing something out of the seventies! And I had fun playing!

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Cool effect, Leah! The doodles make me think of the seventies too.

I like it, and I’m drawn in to the image. I think it has potential, maybe you can do variations of it to see how that would work.

I think this is a brilliant idea. It looks great and by experimenting we take our art forward.
It is so eye catching and when you see it you wonder how on earth it has been created. Bravo!
Gwen xx

I love the way that you played with the negative space. The underlying pattern and silhouette are both very fun and retro.

I like this idea; I totally agree that sometimes it really is just process, but you never know where experimentation will lead! I’m having some of that too; I don’t necessarily want to show what I’ve done every day, but I am actually doing something every day and it’s leading to other ideas, which is fantastic.

Great idea. This is how textile designers present their work sometimes. I love how it looks like she has cool green wellies and a hat on!

I love this! The colors against the black make her pop. So fun!

I DO love this. The colors and patterns are great. And, you are so right about not loving everything every day. We just have to do it and keep going to see where it leads.

Wow! The black really highlights the fun pattern. I love silhouettes!

What a great idea …..I can see all kinds of possibilities creating this way….I have lots of doodles or drawings that I am not totally in love with but have a few redeeming qualities. This would be a great way to use pieces of drawings in the new way…. I think your lady is very cool :)

Great idea! I never thought of making a stencil from a magazine photo, I am going to have to try it sometime soon!

Mmmmm. Negative space. ^_^

I LOVE this one!! It really speaks volumes to me!! I’m so sorry you don’t like it. Seems brilliant, and 70’s-ish and like something I could do!!!

I like this picture a lot but it’s refeshing to hear that you don’t always have to love everything you do. It’s good to be free of perfectionism and allow ourselves to experiment to with new techniques and ideas.

Hey, I like this!! Really – I do think she looks great, and I like your description of how she came to be. That means that her patterning and colors was probably somewhat a little random, and I like that randomness.I know for me sometimes when I work with simplicity – like the background – I can be uncomfortable, because I love work by artists who use layers layers layers – and that’s something I still don’t have a hang for, either. But I like this lady, and I’ll bet in six months or less, she or one of her sisters will reappear in some form. This makes me want to create a paper doll or two using this doodle/stencil technique! Very cool!

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