Day 9 – Tree Moon

November 9th, 2011

Last night was a long one. As I was up, I noticed the bedroom was well lit by the growing moon, which will be full tomorrow. I had the idea then to paint an image of a figure in a forest looking up at an overwhelmingly large moon. And today, I painted it!

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I love the feeling of solitude and peacefulness I get from this painting. And yet, because the moon is so present in the piece, I also get a feeling of connection with nature, and accepting the organic flow of life.


Love love LOVE! This just struck me with its power and beauty. Driving home from work tonight I saw the bright full moon and a beautiful moon always brings up feelings of longing. Your picture expresses that and also wonder.

So beautiful, peaceful and sincere, lovely painting :)

Nice! The contrast between the size of the woman and the moon has a wonderful feeling to it. I like the overwhelmingness of the moon energy here. It also makes me feel peaceful.

This is beautiful, Leah. You captured to mood perfectly. I can feel the solitude, the peace. So glad you found time and energy to do this.

I love the colors in this. I love your work, but these are my very favoritest colors and it seems to capture this autumn so well.

ooo, the draw of the moon

This is so beautiful! Touching.



Absolutely beautiful. So serene.

I love your paintings so much Leah! The colour choices, the proportions and composition, and the recognisable figures which are so feminine and just lovely. I’m finding the moon coming up a lot in my work too lately.

Gorgeous! Love the cool color combinations and dramatic contrast with the swollen moon.

Beautiful work!
The moon was so bright, it was almost like day light outside.
Gwen xx

I love this. its very calm and peaceful!


This is beautiful! BTW, thanks for hosting AEDM. It’s been great connecting with other artists!

Mmm. Blissfully lovely. =)

Lovely – I like this peaceful calm painting. The colors are perfect and the full moon is gorgeous. I think you really hit this special mood perfectly.

so beautiful Leah! I love the mood of this piece.

I love this… and the fact you were able to create it, even while being an exhausted Mommy. Seems like you are a no excuses Mommy!

Once again, love the balance of your soft yet rich background colors!

Having such an amazing, awakening time with AEDM. You have no idea how perfectly timed this has been. Thank you.

Hi Leah, your painting is just beautiful and peaceful. I just wanted to know …would you consider selling this image as a print?? Please email me if this is something you would be interested in :) x

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