2012 Creative Every Day Challenge

December 8th, 2011

2012 is right around the corner! Amazing, isn't it? And with the new year, comes a chance to renew your commitment to being Creative Every Day. I consider this year-long challenge a low pressure one. I don't expect people to create a masterpiece or post on their blogs every day of the year. What I hope is that the challenge invites you to find ways to integrate creativity into your everyday life. I've found that simply by focusing on every day creativity, that the opportunities to be creative sprout up everywhere...in cooking, decorating, playing, dancing, drawing, painting, photographing, crafting, singing, and so on!

You can read all about the challenge and it's history here and then sign up for the 2012 Challenge right here.

As in previous years, every month will have a totally optional theme. You can use the theme if you need some inspiration (sometimes having a guide is helpful!), ignore it if you have other plans, or mix it in as needed. And speaking of themes, I'd love to get some theme ideas from you! Brainstorm for me in the comments. If I use your theme idea this year, I'll be sure to mention you as that month's inspiration. I've got some ideas in mind and I've been considering re-using some themes from the first year (because they're good enough for another go!), but I'd love to hear your ideas as well.

Thank you to all the amazing creators who joined me in 2011. I hope to see you in 2012!

p.s. I've got some wonderful guest posters, new friends and old friends, sharing their thoughts on winter this month, while I gather myself after AEDM and prepare for the holidays. I'm excited to share their creative goodness with you. Enjoy!

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I enjoyed AEDM so much, I have to sign on for the yearly challenge. Here are some ideas for monthly themes – Trees, Frames, Bottles, 1960’s, Light Sources, Curtains, First Thought Upon Waking, Green, Virtue, Neighborhoods. Thank you, Leah!

Leah, I loooove the new badge! Just signed up for 2012. Since I’m using Dynamic template on my blog now, I don’t yet have side bar for badges and all — though layout features like that should be coming soon from blogger. Anyway, in the meantime, I’m going to add the badge and link to one of my pages instead — maybe the “as seen in” page or something. Just wanted to let you know.

As to brainstorming ideas for themes: the heART of art, re-membering shattered pieces, permission to play, creating sacred space out of everyday space, blanket houses, dangerous, back thru time, leaping with letters, curiosity instead of judgment, float with the balloons and clouds

??? :)
Miracles to you for the new year!

A few theme ideas my brain stormed:

Circles or Squares
Chocolate (for February/Valentines Day)
Nature/Mother Nature

p.s. Love the new badge!

I too love your new badge… and looking forward to another year of being creative every day! Thanks for doing this!

yay! it’s always fabulous to join in on CED… great inspiration and creative energy all around! thanks for doing this!

I’m in :)

Thanks for creating this place for us, and for keeping it going.

Themes for next year that popped up without much thought…

Shimmering light
The trivia of life
Soul bird

I am so happy to be a part of the 2012 Creativity fun play! I enjoyed all of my participation in 2011, and especially have enjoyed your regular newsletters. I love your artwork! Someday, when I have the $$ I am going to buy some and put it up in my art studio. ;)

Thank you for hosting another year of CED, Leah! I, too, love the new badge, and I look forward to creating and sharing with everyone for another year. I’m off to sign up right now! :)

Yay! It´s here! Got my badge for my collection. I have them all since 2008. *beam*
Love the idea of renewing my commitment.

After doing pretty well with the AEDM challenge, I am really excited to start 2012 off with a “public” commitment to creating everyday! Although I know in my heart that even if it is not an actual completed “art project”, that I am still creating something every single day in my life, I think that this challenge will help me in better recognizing and honoring all of the many varied types of creating I do. I also sooooo adore seeing all of the amazing creations of others out there-I am so awed & inspired by everyones beautiful sharing of their spirits & souls ! Can’t wait to see the themes for 2012!

Wow, it is great to find you via a Reverb11 participant! What a great organized effort! Thanks!

So looking forward to another creative year with CED!! Love your logo for 2012 Leah! Here are a few theme ideas:

- Shadow
- Home
- Healing
- Desire
- Cosmic
- Reflection

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