Winter Guest Post by Liv Lane

December 17th, 2011

As soon as he started dragging
the tricycle out of the garage,
all the shouldn'ts and couldn'ts
flew out of my mouth:
People don't ride bikes in winter.
It's just too slippery.
You might get hurt.
It's too cold.
It's not going to work.
Put it away.

But he asked if he could
please, please just try.
So I watched as he slid
down the steep and icy driveway
on wobbly wheels,
peering back at me
every few seconds,
nearly but never tipping over.
He was so proud to make it down
and wheel his way around the
snowy street.
And it was so sweet
to see him on a tricycle
in the middle
of a winter wonderland.
Note to Self:
I want him to believe
he can do anything
he puts his mind to,
but maybe more importantly
I need to believe he can do it, too.

Liv Lane originally posted this reflection on January 1, 2007 at her Choosing Beauty blog {and her oldest son still excels at doing things his way!}. As a blogger, artist and speaker, Liv uses her creative superpowers to illuminate the good in every day while helping people ignite their passions and purpose. Her popular ecourse, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love, returns January 9th.

2 Responses

brought tears to my eyes. My 31 year old, almost 4 years into recovery from addiction, called the other day to say he worked out a way to replace his work truck – he runs his own full time business painting and small construction – and his truck (the Road Warrior) is about done. He’s also going to school full time and it was through his school loans (for living expenses) that he got the truck. And my cautious protective Mommy side immediately kicked in – worried about taking on too much. I guess it never ends. After we had talked for a while, it became clear (of course) that he had it well in hand and had thought it through – and I trust that he has made the right decision for himself (as he does these days). But wow, that protective Mommy reflex never dies!

Oh, Tammy, I know – we’re in this for LIFE, aren’t we? :) I’m so glad this touched your heart, from one mama to another.

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