Winter Guest Post by Rebecca McFarland

December 20th, 2011

Collage background with a portrait done in acrylic.

The sun setting at five has given me the winter blues, and the question “Why do I paint?” has been bouncing around my brain.  When my mind turns melancholy, I search for the meaning in what I do.   Would I die if I couldn’t paint?  No.  Most of my life I couldn’t draw anything but a stick figure.  Would I stop being happy?  I doubt it.  My life is filled with blessings and joys at every turn.  But then I’m painting…..and there is this moment when time disappears, my mind quiets, and the problems of the day cease to even be a whisper.  Sometimes there is no greater meaning.   Why do I paint?  Because what a shame it would be not to have these moments.


Rebecca McFarland is a self-taught artist living in Los Angeles.  She began painting in 2001 after an inspiring four month holiday in Europe. You can see more of her work on her blog


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I love this painting. I love how sad she looks — it captures so well how I feel. Beautiful.

Sunset at five? Lucky! In Sweden, we only get daylight from about 10 to 1.45 this time of year. Further north, it’s dark all day long :( Beautiful painting!

Your painting is beautiful and as it is such a relaxing process, should see off those winter blues!

The post and painting compliment each other. That look on her face…you captured it beautifully. Julie

That is so very true and well put… it is the quiet moments that we all love about the creative process I think…xx

It is so important to create and enjoy the moment and the process. Beautiful post. xoxo

a great writer as well as painter Rebecca! Your words as the woman’s eyes pierce my soul.

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