A Chance Encounter

January 5th, 2012

This is a bit random, but my friend Aki sent a link to this video my way and there was something so beautiful and magical about it that I had to share. I hope it inspires you, like it inspired me!

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hi Leah!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
This is so beautiful… it had to be amazing to actually BE there in the presence of such magic. Thank you so much for sharing.
Looking forward to a wonderful new year & wishing you a happy, peaceful heart.

I’ve seen this video before – an AWESOME chance encounter! Thanks for sharing, Leah. xo

I saw this a little while back as well and was completely riveted. A beautiful, magical moment caught on video.

I had seen this quite a while ago. Thanks for posting it. I’m so glad to watch it again.


Amazing! Where was this?

absolutely beautiful –

I love it when the birds do that, it’s like they are dancing and playing tag all at the same time, but I’ve never seen such a LARGE group like that! Amazing!

I read in the comments that it took place in Ireland!

Spectacular!! :)

I already saw this, and then, family and I went to Chincoteague VA for a week at the cold beach and saw the same thing! Grandson was entranced!

amazingly beautiful, even seeing it a 2nd time. thank you for the inspiration! a murmuration of starling blessings!

the birds do this above our houses every autumn/winter for weeks. They start around 4pm every evening (how on earth do they know the time?!?!?! and don’t bump into each other!!!). It’s an amazing sight and people travel a long way to come and see them. I am in Scotland. It’s beautiful to watch. thanks for sharing this video…

oh. my. goodness. that was without a doubt one of the most incredibly amazing miracles of nature i have ever seen! tears are running down my face as i can only imagine the joy those women felt in the presence of such a stunning sight…the joy i feel just from watching the video is unspeakable! thank you for sharing, this made my day!

This is the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

Love! Thank you for sharing, beautiful!

I have goosebumps all over and it brought tears to my eyes. Definitely magickal!! So glad I saw this today. Thank you!

Wonderful and amazing all wrapped up together, I’m going to share with my daughters…

…so a beyondo field trip to Scotland someday, then?

Love this…..never seen them gather in such vast numbers. Thanks for sharing.

a reminder of true beauty and wondrous magic courtesy of nature. ‘n, um…this is what an orgasm feels like. ;)

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