Intuitive Ink Prep

January 21st, 2012

In a week from today I'm teaching Intuitive Ink at the Wish Studio in Newburyport, Massachusetts. If you're in the area, I'd love to see you there! You can get all the details and sign up here.

Earlier this week, I did some inkblots in prep for the class. Above, are some "before" inkblots which we'll play with and make creations from in class. I'm loving the way they look all lined up together though. A nice burst of color during these dark winter days.

And here's a couple example of some "after" inkblots. They're so fun to make!

I'm also planning to create an online version of this workshop, which I hope to have ready to offer in the Spring!

I hope you're all having a wonderfully creative weekend. I had the fun experience of letting my daughter play in the snow for the first time on Friday. She was having a blast until she realized that snow was very cold. heh.

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Sure wish you’d bundle up that little cutie and come to Michigan to teach a class.


These look great – love the colors! What kind of paper and brand/type of ink do you use? What media do you usually use to draw or paint over the ink?

Leah, i wish i was closer!! I’d definitely be going to your class!
These ink blotches are great. What fun colours, and seeing them all lined up there is great!
And those “after” ink blots… the two birds, with the orange trees…(at least they look like trees to me!) – absolutely gorgeous. I so love the composition. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

your little one is having so much fun

Vicki, that would be fun!

Wendy, in the photo above, I’m using watercolor paper, but I usually do the inkblots in my moleskine notebook. I like Liquitex inks and I use all sorts of media over them, from markers to acrylic paint, to more ink, or colored pencils.

Pauline, thank you! I wish you lived closer too!

Gwen, she definitely had a great time. It was so cute!

I love your ink blot art! I think that will be a great class and online workshop! I love her smile and the fist full of snow! I totally agree with her that it is COLD!

Super! Love this exercise of creativity! Have a great weekend! Patsy from HeARTworks

Look at your little snow angel…. Adorable.
I haven’t checked in for a while, but always something creative happening in my life, if only the face doodles in the margin of my sudoku book. ;)
I just signed on for the CED 2012.
Happy New Year.
I’ve been doing a lot of photo editing and have some new blog posts up and new pics in my Flickr stream.

omg, your little one has the longest lashes ever! Your new course sounds fun.

OOOOOOh! Fun and sooooo creative ~ love them ~namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked w/ CED

The ink blots look like so much fun! I want to try it. :) Your babe has the biggest bluest eyes, so cute.

You daugher looks so cute in the snow!

I’ve done something similar with my kids before, quite accidentally. We’ll have to play with it again sometime, now that I can see what else is possible.

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