Layers of Loss

February 23rd, 2012

I'm still knee deep in grief here. But I've found some comfort in art, which is nice. I don't always feel like drawing and painting when I've experienced loss in the past, so I'm glad it can be a good way to let things out now.

The piece above was completely spontaneous and a lovely surprise. I had a pad of tracing paper in front of me on my art table, left out after making a playful Valentine's Day card for Andrew from Annabelle. I picked up some brush pens and started to draw on the top sheet. It felt a bit other-worldly. I then had the idea to turn to the next page to draw another layer, with a tree and roots. And then one last layer with a cat and roots.

Sometimes, when there are no words, thank goodness for art to be able to get out what's running through my mind.

Thank you to everyone who has left kind words for me after Sadie's passing. I really appreciate it!

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What a beautiful piece. Sending you so much love!!!!!

I agree! Art is helping me to find my strength! I love this piece!

Leah, this is so beautiful… layers – probably like the layers of grief you’re feeling these days… I love that it’s in black & white, and absolutely love your style. Wish i could take away the pain. :-( xoxo

beautiful piece with the layers and I think sometimes, the visual expresses better what we feel, then anything else… I’m glad you could let things out a bit by drawing :)

There is so much emotion in this piece. I can feel the sadness but also the healing. xo

Such an emotion filled piece. So sweet and sad, seeing the intertwined love roots. {big hug}

Leah, this unique piece speaks volumes. I find it deeply moving and it’s lovely you still find it in you to share something so very personal with us. I’m sorry I don’t have any words that can help you through your grief.

What a lovely piece. This is beautiful, and I see a mix of both solemnity and hope. Thank you so much for sharing your technique – that is a fabulous idea.

Peace to you.

A beautiful way of sharing how you feel. It’s truly lovely. Much love and hugs coming your way always.

This is so beautiful.. I can see how ‘art’ is a healing means of expressing your grief. She comes back to you in your dreams…

First of all, I love your artwork. It touches my soul at a deep level. I feel joy, sadness, and in this case grief.

I lost my kitty after 18 years a year ago+ and can barely write this without a lump in my throat. I still love her and don’t want another cat…I want her. Her name was Luna. We would touch noses and go back and forth, nose to nose. Oh, I miss her so!

So, I am awfully sorry for your loss. It just isn’t easy no matter what.

Your art is a beautiful expression of your loss and your passion.

I’m glad you were able to express yourself through art in such a lovely, ethereal way. I too am dealing with a truck load of grief as anyone who looks at my blog regularly this past year can tell. I am just now coming back into the “light”…it is a long process and I feel for you…hugs to you!

I don’t know what I would do without clay to sink my hands in when everything is falling apart around me! Or my art journal. And what a lovely result!…I lost my last kitty when he was 18 – the same age as my son at the time. It was rough. This morning I am taking my oldest pug to the vet – her back leg isn’t working right all of a sudden. It scares me. My heart is with you.

I’m very sorry for your loss. The picture is quite beautiful.

Sorry Leah to hear about your loss, words are never any good at such times, so yes I agree art can be a real help, just to let out and express yourself in some other way. There is an empty, bare beauty in your piece, a quiet beauty. Take care Leah. xx

This beautiful image is what drove me to your blog today and touched my heart so much ~ I’m so happy you have this outlet for comfort and expression. Creativity truly is a gift from beyond and a band-aid for the soul.

Holding you and your family in my prayers, for your loss. Gentle hugs. . .

I enjoy your blog so much….I particularly liked this post because I can relate to the grief you are experiencing. I lost my dad in November and one month later found out my mother has ovarian cancer. These two major things along with other losses that I have experienced in recent years have actually driven me towards my art as a way of coping.
Best wishes to you

This delicately beautiful piece of art really touched my heart. The layers speak volumes, I am glad for you that you can express yourself in this way. Sending you a hug.

What an intriguing drawing. Art also helps to heal my heart. There are those times when no words suffice, so I escape into my art room and allow my hands to rule my heart. The results are so satisfying…unexplainable peace and joy. Thanks for sharing your process with the rest of us.

It is so hard when our 4-legged family go so soon. Their lives are, by nature and design, far shorter than ours, yet this doesn’t prepare us any better for the space that is left when they go.

I know how much solace I’ve given myself when using my grieving times for BEing creative. In some way that I often think I can explain, but NEVER CAN, creatively expressing my grief heals me, strengthens my heart, and brings the smile back into my Spirit.

Blessings and Love to you, Leah…

I really like this design…I have always liked drawings like this of tall elongated people…also I have seen some fantastic scultpure and pottery in this style…fab!


Oh sweetie, I only just learnt about Sadie. Sending you lots of hugs & love. Our cats are such important members of our family. Your art is full of expression & love & I have to admit this piece brought a few tears to my eyes.

Creating & immersing yourself in your wonderful family will be the best comfort.

Kat Xx

Beautiful, as always!

Hi Leah,

So sorry about Sadie. I didn’t notice your post about her until after I checked in week. Pets become part of the family, so it’s hard to lose them.

Glad to see you continue to work and use your artwork to help with your grief.

So, so beautiful Leah.

Glad I stopped by…been thinking of you Leah, and so sad to hear of Sadie’s passing.

Lovely piece of art to remember your dear one, Sadie.

Beautiful pic!! :)

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