Entries from: February 2012

She Carried the Night in Her Hair

February 4th, 2012, Comments (14)

I started this piece at the Intuitive Ink workshop I taught last weekend at the wish studio (so fun!) Today, I went back into it and saw a woman with stars in her hair and began to draw that out. Annabelle saw me drawing and wanted to take a closer look.

And here's a snapshot of the workshop in action. I'm going to be teaching something else at the wish studio, so if you're in the area, stay tuned And if you're not in the area, I am creating an online version of the workshop to release sometime this Spring!

Mystery Build

February 2nd, 2012, Comments (7)

How is it February already? My little girl is turns 9 months today. She is "talking" on her toy phone and dancing up a storm. Hilarious stuff!

She's already a creative little being who loves music. Gotta love it.

I got this awesome package in the mail this week from Mystery Build. They're running a super cool contest and I wanted to be sure to share it with all you creative folks. The idea is this: they send you a tin container filled with materials you can use to create something based on a theme (this year's is "Favorite Movie.") You can add water plus six ounces of liquid (paint, stain, etc) to make your creation. Fun, right? And the prize? It's 10,000!

I'm actually a little out of my element when it comes to building 3-dimensional things. I've taken some classes that involved glass, clay, and wood in my college days, but it was never something I was particularly good at. I may need to create a team to tackle this, but I'm excited about it!

You can purchase your own Mystery Build kit here. Let me know if you decide to give it a go!