She Carried the Night in Her Hair

February 4th, 2012

I started this piece at the Intuitive Ink workshop I taught last weekend at the wish studio (so fun!) Today, I went back into it and saw a woman with stars in her hair and began to draw that out. Annabelle saw me drawing and wanted to take a closer look.

And here's a snapshot of the workshop in action. I'm going to be teaching something else at the wish studio, so if you're in the area, stay tuned And if you're not in the area, I am creating an online version of the workshop to release sometime this Spring!

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What a lovely metaphor “she carried the night in her hair”!

I like the poem in the ink. I have given you an award. Please come and see it at my blog.

Love her!!! and the drawing is great too :0)

Hello Leah, lovely to visit here again and see your lovely lady. Annabelle looks like she’s enjoying her little life to the full. I recognise the favourite sophie the giraffe, my Lulu loves chewing his legs….what wonderful little happy bundles we have. All the best Leah xx

Your image is stunning and I love the saying you wrote with it. The “Wish Studio” is a magnificent name for a creative class.

it’s gorgeous! i hope to create and talk more soon!
hugs and smiles~ jill


Beautiful Leah. Interestingly, the painting that I’m excited about for “Night” also started from seeing stars caught in a woman’s hair…

Wow, that’s amazing! Once you mentioned the woman I can see it clearly in the original print. But without your hint? I would have probably seen something totally different!

Look at all those fun supplies! The ’stars in her hair’ are enchanting.

Just love this piece Leah – love the caption!! You continue to amaze me – there’s poetry inside your art. Can’t wait to watch Annabelle’s creative journey:)

I love how this turned out! The colors are amazing, and the flowers in her fabulous hair.
I need to make more ink blots. I can’t wait until you come back in the spring.

Love this!

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