Bird Hearts

March 7th, 2012

One of my favorite ways to work in mixed-media lately is with paint and ink. I think it's partly the immediacy of it. Acrylic paint and ink dry fairly quickly and the ink part is not messy, too things that have become more important to me with a baby at home.

Speaking of making art with a baby at home, I recently did a guest post about how I fit in time to make art during my first year as a mom, which you can read here. It's part of a series about motherhood and creativity, with lots of great posts, so check it out!

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Hello Leah, I enjoyed reading your post on how you mananged art during babies first year, sounds exactly like what I try to do…in fits and starts, here and there….but at least it’s there and that’s what’s important, enjoying time with baby and then your own time…your own creating fitting around her! Thanks for sharing and your mixed media piece, mixing all types of media is so interesting, I’m really enjoying mixing photography with my paintings…the results are such fun and at times magical.

How beautiful! I am amazed at the wondrous things you just ’see’. :)

Did some art journaling and some “planning” and pre-cutting for a few new mixed media pieces. Hope to have time to post the pix soon…

This is gorgeous!!

Hi Leah
I love your guest post, it is very inspirational. I also love that you are nurturing the little one’s creativity. What a lucky little girl!

I think this piece is awesome – you’ve used colors I love and symbols that strike a cord within.

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