Creative Every Day Check-In: March 5 – 11

March 5th, 2012

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #CED2012!

Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Night, which you can read more about here. The March theme will be up on Tuesday!

Happy Creating!

I use all sorts of things to work with: old brooms, old sweaters, and all kinds of peculiar tools and materials... I paint to excite myself, and make something for myself. ~Francis Bacon

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I think I’m going to love the March challenge: mixed media. One of my favorite subjects.

Thank you for hosting. This is my first time participating, although I have been watching from the side for a long time! It’s wonderful to be able to join in the creative fun with everyone else!

I have posted my first photo and Day 1 of CED. I hope to update weekly.

Here we are for another week:))

I had a bout of Spring Fever and drove to the beach one night last week when it was unusually warm. In my post I included a short video of the waves. Hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the Atlantic!

wishing everyone a grear and creative week!

Last year I couldn’t imagine how I’d find time to do process art regularly, but I’ve been doing it every day since the beginning of 2012 and blogging about it. It’s amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it!

Happy creating, everyone! You’re all invited to visit my blog at

Leah, your daily challenge has been a trasformative journey for me so far and I look forward to seeing where it will take me. Now, I’m busy upcycling blind contour drawings that were done as right brain exercises into mixed media works largely due to this month’s Mixed Media theme. Thanks for the inspiration!

This week and last, I am exploring my creativity in the kitchen, trying to plan and cook delicious, nutritious meals for my family. My menus for this week and last are posted if anyone is interested in knowing/sharing dinner plans!

My first finished piece of art for March is, appropriately for this month’s theme, a mixed media mandala which I’ve posted photos/description of on my blog.

I shall be away from the computer for the next six days. Meanwhile, wishing you all a happy & creative week.

Kat :-)

I have three 12×12 paintings I’ll be working on for an upcoming art show, Small Feats, which is a fundraising event for the Niagara Artists Centre. Also, finishing up a sketch of Ralph, one of our cats. Also, I just got my MysteryBuild kit, so I’m dying to get started on that! I’ll be putting up photos of some of the works in progress this week on my blog.

Btw, you can get a discount off the Mystery Build kit if you use the promo code: cezanne

Have a creative week and I look forward to seeing what everyone else is working on!

I’m being creative in the kitchen this week and last by actually , finally doing some menu planning! Drop on by if you’d like to see what I’ve been cooking up or want to share any menu plans or recipes of your own. I’d love to read them!

I just want to thank you for this challenge. It’s really helping me to remember the fun things in life.

Last year I thought it’d be impossible to do process art every day, but I’ve done it every day so far in 2012 and plan to through the end of the year. It’s quite amazing to enter the art realm every day — very soul nourishing. I invite everyone to visit my blog. Also, if you do process art, please check out the “Community” page to have something of yours posted. Happy creating to all!

Oh it has been the a few days of photographing and post work for sale and finishing up projects. With a large 30 x 30 inch painting of “Romancing Summer by the Sea” to release on Wednesday I can anticipate it shall be a fun week maybe with even a little time to work on the next 24 x 36 inch canvas of a winter storm. Thank you Leah as always for hosting this space for us creative beings.

Hello Leah, I’ve been having fun creating and thank you for getting us all together here, it’s great to see what everyone’s getting up to.

Now that I’m all settled in from the move I will be ready to get back to some artsy fun! I have several knitting projects waiting to be finished. There’s also another sketch waiting in my mind to be put onto paper. This week I will definitely be reading through my NanoWriMo manuscripts to begin the editing process. Should be fun :)

This week I finished a painting, started a painting, made a bookmark and made a vase.

i haven’t joined in for quite a while. i’m back doing my collage so thought i’d share. leah, i can’t believe how your challenge has grown.

Today, I linked a huge long essay! Totally don’t expect it to be read, but I am loving the creativity of writing for the class I am taking. It is fun to try different writing styles!

When I saw the prompt for this month I was not excited. I am not good at adding different things and coming up with something beautiful.

I’m glad you guys are enjoying the challenge!

Fourborne, I’m sorry to hear that! Remember that the theme for the month is always optional. You can always feel free to ignore it. I think you can also get creative with what mixed-media means. I just took a peek at what you did on your blog and I think it’s beautiful!

Just back from almost a month in Indonesia and Malaysia, I posted a few sketches from my travel sketchbook while I find my feet back home again.

So excited about this month’s theme and the synchronicity with the art I was about to begin… again! YAY!

I was worried about the theme for March. Mixed Media is a challenge for me. But after 3 tries I created something i like.

I had been posting once a week but with this new challenge I’m posting a lot more, so I’m grateful to participate. Have been enjoying working with the combo of vine charcoal, oil pastel and soft pastel pencils. Fun!

I finally finished the ‘night’ piece and am really looking forward to this theme.

At the moment I’m thinking of creating a piece using map images of the places I travelled to in 2010/2011… we’ll see what happens!

It’s been great to have creative challenges to work towards each month.

LJ x


I just stumbled over CED the other day; it sounds like an amazing challenge and I hope I’m up to it. It’s spring break this week so I’m working on a large scale project I’ve been thinking of for a while and am turning my Corolla into an art car

I have been enjoying a week of deep journaling and artwork through a wonderful Goddess Temple course, led by Stephanie Anderson Ladd

This week’s focus is on the Greek Goddess Persephone… My post is a reflection of my work with this wonderful Goddess archetype, representing descent and emergence. Perfect for International Women’s Day and today’s Full Moon.

I have done lot of mixed-media art along the years, but lately I am always taking photos and messing up with them. Even when I have planned several times creating something with my photos, I love making traditional collages, it seems I can´t find enough time (or the right mood) to print them, cut and paste and paint and write words… but I don´t give up the hope, indeed this assignment has revived this wish… Meanwhile, I came up with this digitally altered selfportrait

This week I finished the postcards for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap. I pulled together little bits of fabric and cardstock and ribbon and stitched postcard collages. Such fun!

…loving this month’s challenge!!! I am also working with an Edgar Allan Poe theme for a show that I have this week…so its Poe, mixed media and my figurative work…having fun!

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