Creative Every Day March 12 – 18

March 12th, 2012

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for February is Night, which you can read more about here. The March theme will be up on Tuesday!

Happy Creating!

I love the printmaking aspect of using resists and transferring shapes with things such as manipulated cloth and threads, leaves, plastics, mosses, etc. ~Susan Prahl

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I really LOVE mixed media, and I appreciate your Bird Hearts because they use similar media to what I worked on today. Thanks so much for this monthly challenge.

Sorry about posting twice, the second one is to a specific post that I hope doesn’t get lost in the shuffle as it’s an interactive digital poetry experience :) . Feel free to remove the first link if you wish Leah.
Stay inspired!

A new week and with the nicer weather here in NE Pa…maybe some new inspiration to create something as fresh as spring!

My posting is about playing around with mixed media when I normally paint with watercolors or acrylics. Have a great week and create, create!

I’m in early with this week’s entry, and it almost fits the Night theme. Thanks for the inspiration too :)

Working on three paintings for the Small Feats exhibit in April and will be posting some preliminary drawings and photos of the start of the paintings this week. Also, have a garden workshop today with our homeschool group, so may be inspired to so something with a spring theme! :-)

I’ve been working on a new piece called “Storm Moon,” all about this month’s full moon using a mixture of vine charcoal, oil pastel and chalk pastel. The drawing’s process raised a lot of complex feelings which I posted about today.

I love the night theme, but have still not created anything for the theme. Sometimes my mind wanders too much to follow, but I hope to channel that soon.

This week I am revisiting a creativity practice I followed last year.

This week was dominated by yo-yos. Odd, but true.

we visited the monterey bay aquarium last week… so much inspiration from the underwater world!

Hello Leah, I hope all is well for you and your little girl. My Lulu is cutting her little teeth, a little painful for her poor thing. Art time gets fitted around when I get some chances…take care Leah and have a super week!

Again this week I am being creative with the menu… come on over and hear about all the yummy things I created to eat this weekend and what I’m planning for next week. As far as “art-creative” goes I’m hoping to do some work with plastercine this week with my daughter while we enjoy the march break. Anyone work with this medium to creat pictures? I’d love any advice.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I do process art every day as a form of meditation. Yesterday I realized that it fits in quite nicely with projecting my consciousness into clouds as a form of meditation, so I’ve started taking photos of clouds to post along with my daily process art. I’ll get myself calmed down yet!

This is my first creative every day post. I hope it’s okay. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on a freeform crochet scrumble for national crochet month!

I finished a mixed media piece recently (watercolor, collage, pastel and acrylic) and have been pondering a name. I posted it this week on my blog to share the work and discuss naming art. I hope to find more time this month to explore mixed media! Thanks for the inspiration as always, Leah.

The post I linked (and the following one) is about my feelings when I create things with my own hand and about creativity. Thnaks for the inspiration

I have had bunnies on the brain, I think it has to do with planning a library program “calling all cottontails”? The story is slowly unfolding in illustrations. At least when the power is on, we had 2 days of blackout due to wind damage. Too much excitement.

I’ve been a busy girl and have journal pages, zentangles and a painting to share with all you other creative types!

I totally forgot to check the theme and have been doing random tiny bits of art as time permitted.

Will post some pics soon.

Looking forward to this months theme, it will help me focus.

Oops! Color me late this week! Just finished a large piece. Woohoo! The largest I’ve ever done. Now I’m working on my weekly postcard challenge. Lots to keep me busy!

I am mainly writing and taking photos this week. After publishing this post, I thought that life itself is a composition made with lots of different medias

Just linked to my very first post for Creative Everyday.

Just linked to a post(finally) for Creative Everyday. I’m always dragging through these last months of winter. Still being creative but the blogging has slowed considerably. Looking forward to visiting some of the other links this weekend! <3


Finally getting a chance to join in! I’m still relying on WiFi at the moment so I may not be here as much as I’d like, but I’ll do the best I can.

Somehow I screwed up my first attempt to link (#86)…sorry…perhaps you can delete that??

#87 works fine! ;-)

This year I’ve set out to sketch a bird each week in an effort to practice drawing and increase my confidence. I’m glad to be getting your emails because they’re reminders for me to make more time for creativity in my life. It’s easy to let responsibilities and chores take priority and squeeze out opportunities to create. Thanks for the inspiration!

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