Dark Night

March 23rd, 2012

Snuck in some art during yesterday and today's nap times and came up with this creation, "Dark Night." Going with the mixed-media theme, I used acrylic paints on watercolor paper to start, and later went into it with white and black inks. I had intended to do something different, but as often happens, once I get started, I see some shape in the paint and have to go with it!

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I’m drawn to the white trees. Lovely.

very interesting, how the white trees seem to be “crying” downward and the black trees sort of evaporating upward!

Love the inks and acrylic together and am especially drawn to the reflection in the water.

Wonderful colors! It gives me a warm feeling. The white trees makes it perfect!

This is mesmerizing – makes me wonder – makes me ponder – it radiates. :+D

Oh Leah… this is SO beautiful. Your paintings often have me thinking “ah man, why didn’t I think of that?!?” :-) I love your long, stretched out women and the colors are fantastic! LOVE LOVE the crying trees… xoxo

I love the colors you used here. I thought it was watercolor at first. Love the way it looks like it is reflecting.

Leah your art is truly beautiful, I love how the colours bleed into each other and your tall trees, lady in red, all so mysterious, thanks for sharing this with us!

Ooooh, that is BEAUTIFUL. I love the white trees against the background.

Leah, as always, your art moves me. The lengths in this case give the piece a brooding feel. The colors as well. I enjoy the way you let some paint flow down freely at the bottom, still adding to the, for me, brooding feel to this piece. And, as always, I love it! I am definitely a fan.

what yummy jewel colors!

this is so evokative. i love the image of the woman in the middle. So many diffferet meanings

This is just all kinds of loveliness!!!! Love the colors!

beautiful Leah! i’m always so amazed at what you can ’sneak in’. the background reminds me that i really must go back and watch your inkblot video again.

To me if this woman was real, she has been experiencing something or someone that has been ‘pulling her down’ and now she is breaking free – GROWING/Expanding as if a unseen energy is magnetizing her or supporting her to BE all that she can be. It is not luck that has created this, she has done alot of ‘work’ and LET GO alot and now she truly is BREAKING Free. Her future has LIGHT ~ SOFTNESS ~ and STRENGTH ~ Acceptance and ‘Success’ whatever success is to her. She has and will continue to, be in a NEW level of self acceptance and self love.


This is so lovely. The way the colors blend is magical. So funny. We’re on the same page. I’ve been drawn to noticing the bare trees in my work as they spring to life with the change in the season.

Hi Leah,
It is interesting reading all the different interpretations of your beautiful artwork. This alone tells me you have done a magic job. When I look at it, I feel like she is one with the Universe, something that we all need to be. It is lovely.

This painting is intriguing. I’d love to experiment with water color. You’ve inspired me to try.

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