Inspired by Poetry

April 6th, 2012

How fun that the theme is language this month and it is also National Poetry Month! I'm often inspired by poetry. Poems are often so visually rich, that I see great images in my mind as I read them. This happened when reading "The Guest House" by Rumi. I read the line, "a crowd of sorrows," this image immediately popped into my head and I had to create it.

Do you have a favorite poem? Have you created work based on a line of poetry or a whole poem? Tell me about it!

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That is such a beautiful image. :) I just came across this blog randomly but I liked this post so much I felt like I should leave a comment. Poetry is always very inspiring to me. The colors are stunning, I love how that misty sort of blue-white makes the red stand out.

Beautiful painting, I love the different layers of paint on the background.

Being a writer, I have plenty of poems that I have written but never used them to inspire a painting….hmmmnnn. Good idea! Now if I could just get a handle on how to edit my pix with this new i mac to post on my blog. Maybe I am too old to learn new tricks…..sigh….

I love this piece you created Leah! I’m very into birds! I also want to share this board from Pinterest on poetic dresses by an artist I like: It relates to our new topic of language very nicely.

Hello Leah, poetry and art do marry well…for me it’s all the feeling of the moment, the colours outside…the senses, in touch with moments and seasons coming and going. I particularly like the atmospheres in your paintings, your stick trees and your backgrounds are favourites, your tall ladies…paintings and art are two sides of the same coin, atmosphere, feelings are evoked from each, both are poetical.

Hi Leah
What an evocative painting you’ve created! By coincidence, I’ve been thinking of doing some artwork based on a poem by Hafiz. The poem is called “A Suspended Blue Ocean” and the part I’m thinking of goes:
“The sky / Is a suspended blue ocean. / The stars are the fish
That swim. / The planets are the white whales / I sometimes hitch a ride on …”

love the painting! I am celebrating national Poetry Month with a Poetry-palooza on my blog…posting fave poems all month..;-) check it out!

beautiful! Lice the weathered background. I really don’t ever think to turn to poetry for inspiration but, you have inspired me too! Thanks Leah. I’m going to try that this week.

a very thought-provoking painting….love how the stark trees are set against such a brightness in the background:)

I’ve been looking for a challenge that is related to other things than stamping or card making and I found yours. Have i got it right that we can use any form of creativity, follow your theme or not and post as often as we wish using the new Mr Linky that appears on a Monday ?
I love to write my blog, I also create Doodly Bird gifts, write for Button Floozies blog and create a piece each week for the Tag Tuesday challenge and I like hearing from new people and seeing what they do.
Do you think I have popped into the right place.
Ps. I am assuming I am talking to the administrator. Sorry if I’ve got it mixed up

yes! i’ve been doing this, and enjoy using photography and poetry together. i’ve done a few things lately & will post links to a couple. i really like what you’ve created here as an image to the Rumi poem. it really fits.
this one, i searched words on (yay for poetry month and happy birthday to this site!):
and this one, i wrote a poem to go along with the photos:
thanks for this conversation!

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