Annabelle’s One Year Slideshow

May 9th, 2012

I showed this to family and friends after her party. It's a bit long (17 minutes), but I loved making it (and watching it over and over.) :-)


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That is wonderful & she is completely gorgeous. Happy birthday Annabelle.

Leah ~ Annabelle is so precious and this video is a treasure ~ so creative of you ~ thanks for sharing this ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Dear sweet Leah~ I can see why you would be watching this video of darling Annabelle over and over again.

There will come a day when Annabelle will be absolutely in awe looking at her baby-self with the knowledge of how much she was, and always will be, loved forever.

I watched the video all the way through.
What a gift you have given to all of us sharing Annabelle’s first year.

You know now you’ll have to make a video for every year of Annabelle’s life .
Then there will be grandchildren and more videos to go !!!


Thank you for sharing that with us! What a nice little cuteness coffee break! You should make a slideshow like that every year! What fun for Annabelle to watch when she grows up!

Beautiful, Leah. The story this video tells is so special. Even though I didn’t know who any of the people were except for you, your husband, and Annabelle, I could figure it out! The expressions on everyone’s faces tell the story. So much love, xoO

Leah, it is so lovely of you to share this video with us, thank you. You are blessed to have such a loving (and lovely) family surrounded by people who care – family is one of life’s treasures and it’s nice to see you are aware of that. Annabelle is completely huggable and sooo gorgeous! xx

Leah this is such a special souvenir you’ve made for yourselves and Annabelle, she’s sooo very cute, such wonderful moments!

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