Creative Every Day Theme for June: Opposites

May 30th, 2012

At the end of each month I will announce the totally optional theme for the following month. For the month of June 2012, the theme will be Opposites. 

As always, this month's theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge is totally optional. Use it if it inspires you, continue being creative every day in your own way if it doesn't, or do something in between. You can sign up for the 2012 Creative Every Day Challenge anytime. More info can be found here and the sign-up page is here.

And now I can't get that Paula Abdul song out of my head! ...Two steps forward, two steps back. We come together cause opposites attract.... Am I dating myself? I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month on the blog to help keep you inspired. You can use the posts here for jumping off points or interpret the theme in your own creative way. If you need some suggestions, here are a few ideas to get you started. You could:

  • *Have an opposite day (or just an hour) where you do and/or say the opposite of what you'd normally do.
  • *Work with opposite colors on the color wheel and make some bold looking work.
  • *Play with light and dark in a painting.
  • *Write a poem about a feeling, then another about it's opposite.
  • *Work with hot and cold mediums together (like collage and hot wax.)
  • *Work big one day and work teeny, tiny the next.

How to use the CED themes:

If you're feeling creatively stuck or blocked at any point during the month, use the theme as a source of inspiration to get you moving. Feel free to focus on the theme in your creative activities for the entire month or as much as you'd like.

Using the theme is entirely optional for CED participants. Use it if it inspires you, ignore it if it doesn't. I'll be sharing posts throughout the month around the theme (among other things) to get you thinking about how to incorporate it into your life. I'd love to hear how you use the theme in your creative world.

And have fun with it!

All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. ~Marc Chagall

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I’m intrigued with the idea of creating art based on someone else’s idea for a theme – well, I’ve never painted to a theme before either – Let’s see how it works out ; )

Leah, I love those red lines!!

Fun theme! But now I hear Paula Abdul in my head, too…thanks a lot, Leah ;) Your red, white & blue “opposites” piece is really cool–I’m excited to get started on something of my own.

This is a novel theme and it will be fun to see what folks come up with!

Hello Leah, I love getting your posts and themes…I do think of them here and there during the month, the theme word will suddenly jump into my head, and I like that. Opposites is an interesting one: hot and cold are predomininant in my mind, hot melting colours and cold wintery ones…I just love playing with colours and feeling them.

I want to let you know that I gave you an award. You can read about it here:

Hi Leah, I love your painting! I’m really happy with the theme too, mainly because I love all your themes and the ideas you bring forth. I always feel like you are behind me, giving me gentle nudges just when I need them most. As usual, I appreciate you.

I ran across the link to your Creative Every Day blog hop and will try to jump in this month. What a wonderful addition I feel it will be in motivating me!

I am so glad that this is a voluntary endeavor that requires compulsory creativity.

I had a great month! Focused on Bettie Page…the contrast of her girl next door looks with her sex appeal made sense to me as an ‘opposite’…here are the pieces I made last month (link goes to a fun slide show!)

Keep artin’! This is fun!


Hey creative community. I jut tried to log onto my blog As The Art Flies and I got a warning from Google about malwear and infection. So, I posted something recently and I don’t know if any of you were able to see anything. HOwever, I plan to go back tomorrow and check to see if what ever the problem is it is worked out. Google was warning that Blogorama has an infection that will attach itself to your computer. So, I am not sure what will happen to my site. So, if you visited there recently, thanks. I hope to resolve this so I can continue to be a part of the great community. Cheers.

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