Guess Whoooo Turned One?

May 8th, 2012

My daughter, Annabelle! Here's a whole lot of pictures of the party and the decor that helped us celebrate this big milestone. Enjoy!

This party was a labor of love with lots of folks involved. I went with an owl them partly because when I was in labor with Annabelle, I kept seeing little owls in my head. I knew that owls represent wisdom in Greece (Andrew's father is Greek) and that Sophia means wisdom. And I just knew that should be her middle name!

I asked my best friend and partner in crafty crime, Judean, to help me out with the party because she is amazingly creative. I sent her a drawing of an idea I had for the invitation and she brought it to life in paper, with moving wings. So awesome! And then our friend Lis at took the invitation design and created a stunning cake and cupcakes that simply blew me away (and tasted delicious!!)

Judean also created the beautiful owl art above the timeline and the tissue paper one on the front door.

I also created owl lanterns, decorated branches with little owls, hung a "Happy Birthday Annabelle" owl banner, and created a clothesline style timeline with pictures of Annabelle in the same chair from 2 weeks through 11 months.

I made sweet little owl stuffies as favors for the kiddos. They were my first attempt at stuffies and they were a little wonky, but very cute.

Annabelle had a great time and was a real trooper with all the attention. She looked so sweet in her little dress, I could have just eaten her up.

I think she wanted to take pictures too. :-)

She wasn't quite sure what to think of the cake, her first sweet! She's a bit of a picky eater and likes to play with her food, so at first she just made faces as she squished it around in her fingers. Then she tasted it, made quite a face, and dug in for more! Mm, butter cream frosting!

She also had fun playing with the other kiddos and telling one little friend about her favorite toy, Ernie. She actually shouted "Ernie!" so loud at her, which cracked me up.

Here's our happy little family. We made it through our first year together, which was one of the fastest and slowest years of my life. I feel so lucky to be Annabelle's mom. She's a beautiful, bright shining light that makes the world a better place! Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

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What a great party, and what a cutie she is. Thank you for sharing this special time with us, Leah. Your family is so sweet! Blessings, Olivia

I LOVE the owl theme. So nice, everything you did looks wonderful! xoO

WOW!! A year has gone by already?!! Happy First Birthday Annabelle!
Stay inspired!

What an amazing day! I love how you have so many home-made touches that just radiate the love you have for your beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. What a wonderful birthday your Mama planned for you. How lucky you are to have such loving parents … =) xoxo

oh Leah, she’s totally adorable… i love that little face where she’s sitting on the floor, holding what looks like a camera strap. Just priceless. The owl theme is fabulous!! So creative…
Happy Birthday sweet little Annabelle… xoxo

What a fantastic party! Happy birthday! Wonderful to be a year old. What a milestone!

Happy Birthday, Annabelle! Great party theme and looks like everyone had a great time!

Oh my gosh… what a darling little one you’ve got there ~ ♫Happy Birthday♫
I absolutely love the owl motif you went with, everything came out SO cute!

Happy Birthday Annabelle ~ Looks like Mom had fun creating ~ Wow! Wonderful! ~ namaste, ^_^

Super cute! I love all the decorations you guys made. And that cake is AMAZING.

What a great party for your daughter! I love the creative takes on your owl theme. She is adorable! Enjoy, enjoy!

Beautiful! You did an amazing job and Miss Annabelle is so lucky to have such a creative and adoring mom. You are a gorgeous family. ;)

Leah I’m wishing all the best to little Annabelle for her first Birthday!! She’s so very beautiful, and all those little owls so cute, the cake is amazing! My little Lucia turns one on the 30th of May, not long now either, it’s such a special Birthday, celebrating their first year and thoughts on the birth already one year ago and how it all just rolls on. We’re so very lucky, so keep making the most and enjoying every moment! Lucia has two big brothers, 10 and 12 years old who are gaga over her, what a lucky little girl. Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos with us, a very special day!

this was just amazing!! oh happy day to Annabelle and to all of you and yours. what an extraordinary way to hold onto that wondrous first year…

Happy birthday, Annabelle! How sweet to come back for a visit and find this post. Love the owl stuffies – they’re adorable! (I just recently made my first turtle stuffie. Now your owls may be inspiring me…). AnyWho ;-) – here’s to many, many more happy years! Terri (aka ‘tinker,’ once upon a time :)

Soooo cute! I want a party like that one for my next birthday! :)
Lovely details and well thought overall plan. So much love and effort into it.

Great party!! Annabelle is so lucky to have a Mom like you Leah.

Ooh. Lovely work for the party. Annabelle looks so cute and love her dress.

Hello…discovered your blog from following Susan Branch’s blog. The video of your daughter Annabelle is really something to treasure. You did a wonderful job. Your daughter is beautiful. I see that your husband is a musician and you like cats. (smile). My babies are grown (youngest is 15) but I treasure the pix and videos we made when they were younger. God bless your family.


What a great party theme! The implementation is phenomenal! Happy first birthday Annabelle! I think the Stuffies are adorable. Great job and beautiful babe!


Look at those eyelashes! She is adorable!! Happy Birthday Annabelle!

Happy birthday Annabelle! Absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing such a beautiful post xx

A very belated Happy 1st Birthday to Annabelle! What an amazing creative party you organised – she is a super lucky girl! It all looked so gorgeous from decor to cake to favours. And not to forget the gorgeous Birthday girl herself :-) And your lovely family photo. Your home looks wonderful too. What a joyous treat for you to share these photos with us – thank you :-)

I can’t believe she’s one already. Doesn’t seem two minutes since we were chat emailing about pregnancy and new baby things.

Great to see you all so happy!
Kat Xx

PS I wondered whether Kolidas was Greek – my Dad is Greek too (Greek Cypriot), so am half greek like Andrew, hence my name Katina :-)

Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle! She is adorable Leah and those party details, swoon! Such a sweet theme for a sweet girls. Congrats on 1 year! I love the month by month picture hanging. Simple and clever. Enjoy your little one :)

sooo cah-ute!!! what a fabulous party :)

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