The Weight of Walking

June 16th, 2012

I had a brief pocket of time today, just ten minutes actually, and I used it to do a little free form painting. Ah, that felt good.

I used the opposites theme as a jumping off point, starting with black paper and white paint.

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WOW!! Love this. She has a story.

Great image and title!
Stay inspired!

How striking!

wow! wonderful!
love that you took you window of 10 minutes to take care of your creative self!

Oh Leah! I love this!

I simply love it when you let the art move you to create ~ wonderful as always!

Leah this is such an expressive piece, I can feel how heavily weighed down she is, such an interesting use of color against the black background, gives a dramatic touch, great piece!

She is so Wow! ~ lovely ~ thanks ^_^ (A CreativeHarbor)

Wow, you really can see that this gal is weighed down with something as she walks along…great piece!

This woman has so much power – like the first woman walking the earth. The fact that you can create something in only ten minutes has inspired me to keep an eye out for brief windows of time in my own creative life, e.g. when I’m in the waiting room at the doctor’s, how much better to scribble down a poem than flick through those tired old magazines.

I see a little face in the breast – is it me? Love this – very powerful!

Hi Leah, I love art that is created in a moment! It comes from deep within or somewhere outside of us and it just keeps me enthralled. Lovely work, I’m so glad you found those 10 minutes!

Looks cool!

This is amazing! The movement just pulls me in, and I love the read and blue for the shadows!

This is so encouraging, that you were able to create such awesome work in just ten minutes! We’re trying to tell people with our website that all you need is a little time to accomplish big things. Your work is proof that this is true!

Hello. I love seeing what everyone is doing with the theme. I personally have had some trials and tribulations this June that have all turned out okay. With that said, I didn’t get to focus on the theme this month but I have been creating! Definitely check out my lastest endeavor at
Cheers to all and Happy 4th of July to come!

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