52 Photos Project

July 26th, 2012

Playing on Instagram recently, I discovered Bella Cirovic's 52 Photos Project. Each week is given a one word theme and the opportunity to capture and share a photo of that theme. 

Sadly, I saw the project after the theme "Circle" was used, which fit so nicely with this month's round theme, but no matter, you can still capture photographs with a circular theme now or move on to a this week's theme, which is "white." I took this picture last week for their "growth" theme. That's my little Annabelle standing in front of her growth chart tree that I painted on the wall. I just started adding the leaves marking her height with white contact paper.

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Oh, my… how your sweet little girl has grown! She is so adorable. I’m so glad you’re playing along with us, Leah :)

Oh Leah, Annabelle is so sweet. What a face. Thanks for sharing the photo!

Very sweet. I want to join the 52 photo’s project too! Terah

What a doll!! love the bunny on the wall. Thanks for sharing!

Hello Leah, Annabelle really is such a cutie, she’s such a sweet little girl!

Annabelle is soooo adorable – she is such a pretty gorgeous little babe. Thanks for sharing :-) Kat Xx

Oh, my, Leah,

She is so beautiful! And she is growing so fast!


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