Shadow and Time

August 21st, 2012

I've been musing a lot on time in the last few days, partly because of the 137 Days project I've joined, led by the fabulous Patti Digh (more on that later). And it made me want to share this shadow picture from a year ago, I called it "tuning fork legs" at the time. Shadows are so fun. I love noticing them when I'm out for a jog in the morning.

I happened upon this year-ago-photo because of a neat (and free) service called Timehop, which will email you each day with your instagram photos (and/or Facebook, Twitter, and Four Square posts) from a year ago. This has been especially fun because I took so many instagram photos of Annabelle over the last 15 months and it's fun to see what we were doing exactly one year ago each day. My, how she's grown!

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Great shadow shot and love the name you gave it ~ Bet your little one is changing everyday ~ thanks for hosting this wonderful ‘link’ ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

ps. Since I am posting almost everyday cept Sat am going to include your link every day ~ ^_^

What a wonderful tool you’ve found ~ I can only imagine how fun it must be to view the days as they happened exactly a year ago ~ simply brilliant!

Hi Leah, I don’t know if you realize it but all of your posts give me food for thought, you make me see life through different eyes and you show me ways to inject fun and intrigue in all things ordinary. Thank you.

I’m a big fan of shadow shots, too. My favorites are when something unexpected (usually one of the dogs or cats) gets into the picture, too–the distortion makes them look like fantastical creatures–

I took a picture much like this while walking home several years ago, back when I was in high school. I liked the exaggeration of my limbs too.
Nostalgia is so necessary.

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