September 18th, 2012

Inspired by an essay in Patti Digh's upcoming book, The Geography of Loss, I created this piece recently. I've found that you do get stronger from experiences of walking through the fire. This was painted with acrylic on paper.

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This is a wonderful piece of art work ~ love the colors and flow of the work ~ Love the quote ~ so true ~ (A Creative Harbor)

A very intriging piece…really thought-provoking. It was worth the wait:)

beatufiful, Leah, and so true! but sometimes you don’t feel the strength for quite awhile as you go through the suffering in the fire…blessings on our walks…

Leah this is another magical piece of yours. The colors are gorgeous, I love it, beautiful!

This is beautiful Leah, and looks like it was a healing process.

This is beautiful.

This is awesome – and…I learned a new word which is also awesome:) Walking through the fire does change you, makes you stronger.

This piece is full of strength. Love the complimentary colours!

Very nice use of colours!

I just wanted you to know that you got an participant in CED from Norway today. I’m so glad I randomly found this..!

Your work captures so much emotion. It is beautiful. Do you mind if I ask you if the fact that the fire has a beginning and an end in this painting is on purpose? Also,it appears to be almost, all-encompassing at one point. It is all very beautiful and captures that glimmer of hope that loss perhaps can move from the extreme forefront of ones life eventually.

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