Creative Every Day Check-In: September 17 – 23

September 17th, 2012

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for September is Time, which you can read more here.

Happy Creating!

In the dark attics of our minds, all times mingle. ~Charles de Lint

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I kicked of the serious writing again yesterday with this poem, short story or whatever it is:
sleeping late, and sleeping some more
tired, more tired, dreaming, a bit galling
doing some laundry, drying, folding it away
and one more siesta in the end
feeling guilty, vague: ‘what a pity, this beautiful day…’
at last I go out
cycling, the wind on my skin, almost too cold
in a bookshop picking up one book after another, bored
and than the ‘damn’-feeling:
I was supposed to write myself, I want to write now
shit, no paper, no pen
no problem
I’m in a bar: ‘do I have anything to tell at all, to write?’
‘why do I want to do this in the first place?’
killing the idea even before it is born!
so I write, I write, I write…

Dear Leah
You used to put your artwork here. Is it somewhere else?
Have a good week.
Sue xx

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Hi Sue! I’ve had a challenging few months with a little girl who wouldn’t nap on her own, not leaving time to post. But I’ve been painting and will post more soon! Thanks for asking!

I’ve been having fun with all sorts of artistic avenues… painting, pottery, mixed media/collage,… the energy I get doing these transfers to everything else I do.

It’s been a busy couple weeks, I am finding that even though my kids are grown, they still need some input from me. It’s just now they store it all up until it’s a huge Gordian Knot, and it takes more skill and patience to untangle it. I finished up a canvas this week, another in my Okanogan Wildlife series. Come take a look and tell me what you think. Have a great week!

As always I am so thankful you host this for us all. Thank you Leah!
Raising a child is one the most challenging creative ventures there is, I am glad you have the time to paint. Enjoy!

Hey Leah,
I decided to turn my creativity back to an unfinished project. I haven’t visited here in awhile, and hope you and yours are doing great.
Tina in San Diego

Started a new part-time temporary job and battling fatigue and a sore throat so it may not be a very creative week…=(

Did a few things and went to an awesome art fair…Art On The Wabash in West Lafayette, IN.

Your ‘Annealing’ creation on paper with acrylics is fantastic ~ love the colors and flow of your artwork ~ (A Creative Harbor)

This week’s post is about reaching back in time to connect with an archetype that lives inside many of us as children, and bringing her forward with the help of a wonderfully creative process called SoulCollage.

Hello Leah,

It’s so good to be back! I have been following you on Facebook for some time and I love to hear how Annebele is doing. I feel content in where I am now, and it seems like this theme seems to coincide with how I feel and my return to your creative everyday day challenge and also to share my work with others and to connect with like minded individuals. I have always felt very connected with this tribe, and how you bring everyone together through creativity so I am blessed to be back. Wishing you well, and yay looks like I’ll be participating in the November Art Every Day Month Challenge again. Just realized I have know you and your site for quite some time as always and so very grateful for it too. :) x

What an amazing challenge, and just what I need! I’ve never seen projects like this before, but I will do my very best to come through. =D

my first post to this group…realizing that time is the theme…i’m not sure how my post relates to time but it is time in the making… :)

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