Blackbirds and The Survival Guide

October 27th, 2012

Hello, all! We're on the brink of Art Every Day Month, which is very exciting. I haven't had a lot of time this month to share things I've been doing along the tree theme, but here's a doodle I did this week. I have to say, that even though our lives are filled to the brim with creativity, finding time for painting with my toddler (who doesn't nap very long and is up at the crack of dawn) is a challenge. But I'm looking forward to AEDM because I know it will help me to make the time happen. It always does!

If you're thinking about embarking on Art Every Day Month, but are a little worried about how you'll make it happen, check out my Art Every Day Month Survival Guide. It's a private blog with daily posts filled with prompts, inspiration, art and extra support. There is also a weekly audio exercise included. You can sign up for the Survival Guide here.

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Hello Leah, I can understand how hard it gets to art with a toddler! Still your beautiful doodle is so elegant and has such charm, lovely!

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