Day 11 – Blue Lantern

November 11th, 2012

Weekends seem to be just as jam-packed as weekdays around these parts, but it was fun! Today, I started with painting color on a wet sheet of watercolor paper and then let my intuition be my guide as to where to take it. It turned into this woman carrying a lantern full of blue light.

6 Responses

Lovely! I love the results you get from just playing.

Very cool!!

I see a blue theme happening for you this month!

The colours work so harmoniously together. Love the concept of blue light.

Love this, makes me wonder where she is going :)

Leah you’ve done it again, another fantastic piece, oh I love the atmosphere you’ve created with this one, truly beautiful, a real favorite, thanks for sharing all these lovely pieces with us, I love checking out your art!

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