Day 12: Whale Love

November 12th, 2012

I'm not even sure where, but somewhere today, I saw an image of a whale and had the urge to paint one. Working with fluid acrylics on watercolor paper, I painted this whale, spouting some love.

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This whale just makes me so happy. We are big fans of whales around here. And whales + hearts! Love love love!

I love it!! I think it would also make a really cute children’s book illustration.

So cute!

This little painting is …well….just lovely. You can’t help but look and smile….. ahhhh

I love your whale who is spouting hearts! It’s such a happy image =).

I adore your whale. What a happy month of creativity and art you are having.

The whale is adorable ~ love it ~ great palette also ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

I love the way inspiration gave a nudge and you followed it to create this happy image!

Adorable! I have a long love affair with manatees, believe it or not! LOL. Brava for following that urge to spread the whale love….. I am giggling over here!

Leah your whale is totally adorable!

Hello Leah, you’re in a real creative wheel with all these creations, lovely whale, I love that she’s spouting some love!

Whales must be one of your totem animals. They show up all through the years in your work. Your whales always make me smile!

What a truly beautiful and peaceful whale. It amazes me that we seem to be in sync with one another as on the night before this day I dreamed of dolphins and the sea. :) x

This is my and my girlfriend’s favourite picture. It’s so lovely and full of happiness. Thank you!

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