Day 13: Demeter in Winter

November 13th, 2012

I wanted to make a Demeter counterpart for the Persephone in Autumn piece I did earlier in the month. Again, I started with collaging the background in the early morning hours and then painted the figure during Annabelle's afternoon nap. Again, I included a female figure in her face, which ended up getting painted over, but you can see a simple, young female figure (representing Persephone) in her hair.

After I thought the piece was finished and I took a picture for Instagram, I noticed what looked like a bird shape in her hair, so I brought that out a little bit. It seemed right.

I wanted this piece to show Persephone while she is missing her daughter, wondering where she is. Stopping for a moment to hold her in her mind. I painted it with acrylics, on top of collage on a 6"x6" panel.

By the way, if you have any interest in purchasing an original or print of the pieces I've created this month, let me know! Most of them will eventually make their way into my shop, but you can snap them up before that, if you'd like. Just pop me an email to discuss. One of this month's pieces, Potential, has already sold!

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This is seriously lovely and atmospheric and you have captured that expression so beautifully…. I am enjoying watching your work this month, it is quite different some days, but there is a strong thread running through them… awesome…xx

This painting is quietly beautiful……. I really love this

So well done ~ powerfully strong and dynamic ~ love her ~ beautiful creation ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Wow, impressive expression and great colours. Love it.

This is a departure from your normally blue inspired art. I really like the color and collage in this one.

This is absolutely gorgeous. I know this feeling… exactly. Tears in my eyes… thank you.

Definitely a touching look on her face… lovely piece. And great to hear your work is selling – always inspiring!

Oh this is beautiful!! Love it!

You are amazing, Leah! This is beautiful!

Leah, This piece is lovely. Just wanted you to know!

Leah there is real emotion in her face, it’s a beautiful painting, so very well done and so intriguing, another amazing piece!

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