Day 2: Mother Daughter

November 2nd, 2012

To honor my sweet little girl, who turned 18 months today, I did a piece of Mother - Daughter art today, a simple pencil drawing.

The first year was a challenging one with A, mainly due to lack of sleep, but I really love this age she's at now. It's still kind of exhausting, but it's so much more fun for both of us. I delight in how quickly she learns (a little sponge!), her love of alphabet letters, her love of people, her bright smile, her silliness, her endless energy, her intensity, her sweetness. I could go on and on. She's a little sparkler, this one.

Here's my sweet girl, twirling in her tutu.


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i love getting to watch all of you grow.

Beautiful drawing, Leah!


What a lovely drawing! Your little one is adorable!

Leah, you have captured that nurturing love of a mother and her connection to her child.

Your sketch is gorgeous and that is not surprising when you have such a darling little girl for inspiration!

This is lovely… and your baby is so big!!!!! the photo on the last post freaked me out… you forget how quickly they grow and she is beautiful… tried to not be part of this craziness this year, but couldn’t stay away!!!!

Love your drawing Leah. So sweet! And the photo of Annabelle is so precious. Thanks so much for sharing! And for sharing AEDM with all of us. So glad to be a part of it this year!

This is such an adorable picture Leah. x

I absolutely adore this lovely drawing, Leah. You are so very talented!

Leah, your daughter is just beautiful! And what a lovely tribute to her in your exquisite pencil drawing. I just love your style!
I’m enjoying AEDM and thank you for the inspiration to connect with my creativity every day this month!

Oh, Leah – I love your drawing. Oh, how I wish I had more of that when my girls were little. I remember the days you are in: the lack of sleep, the feeling of grouchiness, the worry about not being overjoyed 24/7…. you are doing a marvelous job of being present with what you are feeling and loving your little one… who is so sweet in that TuTu!!

Thinking of you and grateful for Art Every Day Month ALWAYS!

Such a cutie! My niece is the same age. They’re so much fun and such wonderful little personalities!

Sorry, I forgot to comment earlier…she is so adorable, you must be so very proud of her:)

Wonderful art, simple yet full of life.

She is a doll! Lovely sketch ~ love your style ~ (A Creative Harbor)

I love this drawing; your inspiration is pretty adorable, too =).

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