Day 21: Creating a Forest of Her Own

November 21st, 2012

Tonight, I started this painting after dinner, while Annabelle was still awake and she was super jealous. She wanted to paint too!

The acorn imagery appears in this painting as well, in the gut of the woman and also coming out of her hand over the forest blooming from her dress.

I will be away tomorrow, so I most likely won't post my art from Thursday until Friday (the daily posts will still be up.) I hope those of you in the States have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

7 Responses

Beautiful! I love the colors and how everything flows. Happy Thanksgiving :P

I love the strength of this piece. She seems to epitomize grace under fire.

Gorgeous painting.

I love your recurring acorn motif!! So inspiring!!

I love your painting – what medium is it – watercolor? The lady has a lot of “presence” about her!

Leah you’ve created another gorgeous piece, I love your art, this lady is so free and full of magic and movement! Your colors are so beautiful, another favorite!

Lessandragr, thanks! It’s acrylic on watercolor paper with a bit of ink for the trees and details.

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